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Has Lindsay been hidden? Or is there just not much to see? I'm not sure.

At F3 time it seemed like Sean was at the library with three books from which to choose:

Lindsay, the open book, a new journal on page one, just waiting for Sean to fill in all her pages. She's a willing foot soldier to Sean's Commander-in-Chief.

AshLee, an overflowing book from the needs self-help section. Also available on audio tape to enjoy in your car because you should never be in danger of forgetting her story, in seven languages in case you choose to flee the country, and in braille in case you go mad from her incessant controlling and poke your eyes out. Read the book, dammit! There will be a test later.

Or Catherine, a series of books from the adventure section. Which direction will the next happy surprise take you? Comes with crayons for coloring outside the lines.

He makes his choice tonight. I guess it's obvious which one I would choose.
Sorry ... I didn't read this post earlier. What a great way to assess the situation.

Luckily Sean had time to evaluate his choices and wasn't influenced by Chris the resident Librarian ... or worse, the owner of the building ... part of the Fleiss estate.