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Thread: 1/24 Episode 4: The Bachelor 15

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    Re: 1/24 Episode 4: The Bachelor 15

    Emily is darn near perfect, in my mind but I don't see the "connection" with Brad...unless TPTB are deliberately not showing it.
    While looking at The Bachelor-related stuff in "Google-Land," I came upon this slideshow of Emily and her boyfriend, who died.
    What a beautiful couple they were, a real like Ken and Barbie. But more importantly, the love these two had for each other is HUGE. It shows in every photo.
    I would think it would be difficult, if not darn near impossible, to find another where she would have such a of those, once in a lifetime things. Very sad.
    Bachelor 2011: Emily Maynard & Ricky Hendrick (Photos and Slideshow)! | Twirlit

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    Re: 1/24 Episode 4: The Bachelor 15

    WOW. That's Emily.
    I would never have related her to the girl on the Bachelor.
    She looks totally different.
    She is very pretty in those pictures.
    Her features don't even look the same
    On the Bachelor, she just looks like someone who should be staying in the Playboy Mansion.
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    Re: 1/24 Episode 4: The Bachelor 15

    I liked the Catalina Island date: people don't have to travel far to find interesting places to see and interesting things do. Also, I think the bachelor/bachelorette should have a grocery shopping/cooking/cleaning up date... it could take place in the bachelor house. The couple would have to buy the food, cook it, and wash the dishes and clean up afterwards. They could have that type of date with maybe the final four.

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