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Thread: 1/19 The Bachelor 18: Love Stories **West Coast Spoilers**

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    Re: 1/19 The Bachelor 18: Love Stories **West Coast Spoilers**

    Do y'all know why Ryan has aged poorly?

    Because he has had to listen to her baby talk and that gawd-awful laugh for 10 years!

    Between Ashley, Ali, Desiree and Trista's laugh, I want a sullen Bachelorette next go around.

    Trista's been very vocal about her wonderful marriage over the years. Has reality come to life in that household or is that marriage boot camp just another way to get on tv?

    Never liked Jason, but I've softened up a bit and have a different opinion of him because of their weekly podcast. He doesn't seem like such a doofus and actually comes across as very well spoken, a little fun and intelligent.
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    Re: 1/19 The Bachelor 18: Love Stories **West Coast Spoilers**

    Personally, I like Trista and always have. Unlink most of them, I think she was not a phony. I didn't know liking pink was against the law; I'd better turn myself in. Theirs was the first and for a long time the only lasting match from this show. Everyone complains about how these couple don't last, but they certainly have.

    I also love Jason and Molly. He's been on my thumbs up list ever since he said goodbye to the phony Melissa and chose the right woman for him. Glad to see they are another happy couple.

    The only once I didn't want to see was Deanna, whom i could never stand.
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    Re: 1/19 The Bachelor 18: Love Stories **West Coast Spoilers**

    I enjoyed last night's show. I missed the beginning and believe it was on Trista and Ryan when I popped in. I don't have a problem with them saying they have had hard times too. Most couples that do share about these things have had hard times. Marriage isn't all rainbows and lollipops.

    As for Ryan's looks, to me, a big part of it was his haircut. If he had some hair on the side of his head, that would have improved his looks a great deal. I don't have a problem with someone aging and their face looking older. I always consider it better than the alternative.

    Trista is still quite pretty though I don't doubt that she has had work done. Of course, if someone can afford it, more power to them. I just hope she quits while she's ahead. I too did not like her gown, at least not from the side. It reminded me of one of those Super-heroine suits.

    Their kids were adorable and their eyes were sooooooooooo Ryan. I'm happy they've made it 10 years. I hope they last forever.

    I enjoyed Sean and Catherine as usual. They are silly but that's part of their charm, to me. I am surprised they are still together. Who knew you could get in fights according to the paparazzi and still get married? And can you believe they took on the biggest predictor of bachelor break-ups EVAH . . . be on "Dancing With the Stars" and still be a couple?

    I wanted to see Des and Chris. I'll have to see if I can find it on OnDemand.
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    Re: 1/19 The Bachelor 18: Love Stories **West Coast Spoilers**

    ^Yeah, who knew paparazzi and tabloids could be wrong?

    The Sean and Catherine portion was my favorite part of the show. They are still their silly and goofy selves, but can be serious when necessary. I loved his response to Catherine when she told him not to cry as she walks down the aisle and she won't laugh. That boy is a complete mush when it comes to her so he'll shed some tears for sure. Looking forward to watching their wedding special on Sunday with all the planning and the actual ceremony officiated by Sean's father.
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    Re: 1/19 The Bachelor 18: Love Stories **West Coast Spoilers**

    I skipped the Trista/Ryan part, but I loved seeing Deanna and Steven. I'm happy for them in their blossoming pregnancy. I also loved seeing the two couples in misty Seattle, even if that city brings back a very fresh, very sad memory (sob: 49ers). I can't believe Sean and Catherine have been able to stick to their vow of celebacy for this long. They both look really, really ready for that Honeymoon bed. I'm looking forward to that wedding next Sunday.

    Don't forget it will be LIVE for the east coast, anyway.
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    Re: 1/19 The Bachelor 18: Love Stories **West Coast Spoilers**

    I really liked seeing Diana and Steven too. They are super cute together! Des and Chris looked really happy as well. It is kind of cool that two couples ended up living near each other. Jason still kind of bugs me, but I am glad that he and Molly are happy. I thought it also good to see Trista and Ryan since they have been together the longest. Every marriage has its ups and downs that's for sure. Looked to me that they might be going through something at the moment, but at least they are pushing ahead and still trying to make it work. A lot of married folks give up to easily IMHO. Sean and Catherine - I skipped their whole part, and I will be skipping their wedding as well. I just find them totally boring.
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    Re: 1/19 The Bachelor 18: Love Stories **West Coast Spoilers**

    I skipped the show this Sunday. It's funny how we all have a couple who drives us bats. Mine is Ashley/JP. I don't even don't want to look at "the groper twins". People complain about Trista's voice. It doesn't bother me at all. I've always liked her & Ryan. But Ashley's voice is like finger nails on a chalkboard. Babyish, whiney, grating. JP is p****whipped & ugly & barely talks.
    I skipped the whole show because of them.
    Jason/Molly used to bug me too. I think it was the way they ended up together. I hated how that all went down, but they grew on me. I like them now.

    I will definitely be watching Sean & Catherine's wedding. I like both of them & they were my choice to end up together. I'm looking forward to it. Maybe I'll even buy me some cake.
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    Re: 1/19 The Bachelor 18: Love Stories **West Coast Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by tapper01 View Post
    what on earth could they have rough times over?
    Sounds to me like Ryan was a little cheat-y.
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    Re: 1/19 The Bachelor 18: Love Stories **West Coast Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by Critical View Post
    Sounds to me like Ryan was a little cheat-y.
    That was my impression as well. She gets work done to keep him and he gives her a ring to kiss and make up (remember Kobe?). I am just curious as to who paid for the ring?...did he or did the producers/Neil Lane do a deal?
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    Re: 1/19 The Bachelor 18: Love Stories **West Coast Spoilers**

    Maybe that's why he looks so bad. I bet she would come undone if he did cheat

    I am just curious as to who paid for the ring?...did he or did the producers/Neil Lane do a deal?
    I wondered that as well, I bet the show did. We cant have the happiest couple in the world break up
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