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Thread: 1/2/2012 The Bachelor *West Coast Spoilers*

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    Re: 1/2/2012 The Bachelor *West Coast Spoilers*

    I liked how the girl who almost didn't make it to the ceremony got the final rose.
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    Re: 1/2/2012 The Bachelor *West Coast Spoilers*

    I wish the season preview had included more positive moments and not only drama -- assuming there are some positive moments this season. I know the negativity is orchestrated and emphasized but I really don't want to see an entire season of tears and meltdowns and threats and bitchiness -- I need a fun escape on Monday nights!

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    Re: 1/2/2012 The Bachelor *West Coast Spoilers*

    I watched this on and off and honest to goodness all I could think is what is this? The new Rock of Love show? All these girls look and behave like they could have been on that show in a heart beat.

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    Re: 1/2/2012 The Bachelor *West Coast Spoilers*

    Bit disapointed that ma girl Lyndzie (spelling?) went home, she was representing us english quirky gals .

    I agree Jenna is a Carrie Bradshaw wannabe with a serious attitude problem, get with it girl.

    I loved Emily, nice to see someone with a bit of class this season.

    Courtney looks like a model but it little bit monkey faced in my opnion, she cut Ben off a few times too....ugh shes a nasty peice of work.

    Monica bores me, shes one of the oldest and least attractive there so has to something ti be interesting.

    Anyone notice the wierd no age girl went home? Thank goodness...

    As much as everyone loves Brittany grandma girl it was wierd she just sat there and talked about her family non stop....yawn.

    Ben is definately a brunette the sneek peeks show.
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    Re: 1/2/2012 The Bachelor *West Coast Spoilers*

    I thought Lyndzie was the one on the horse .I like her
    Monica is the one that laughs like one.

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    Re: 1/2/2012 The Bachelor *West Coast Spoilers*

    I thought Ben was a little refreshing compared to the recent batchelor's we've had. So far he seems to have a good sense of humor and definitely like's the brunettes. I'm still a little skeptical considering the preview of the skinning dipping.

    Jenna: Wackadoo. Wannabe. Needs therapy and some serious help with her hair.

    Monica: Bully. Picks on wackadoo's. Don't think she'll last long, plus I think she prefers the ladies. Which there's nothing wrong with that, however she's on the wrong show.

    Courtney: Self centered, egotistical, spoiled, nasty bitch. I hope he sees through her soon.

    Kacie B.: I really likes her. She seemed very sweet and is very pretty. She was to brunette that was outside trying to comfort Jenna when Ben came out to talk to them.
    I see her going far.

    Lindzi: Another one that seems very sweet. I think she'll go far as well.

    Lindzie: Hated to see the British Lindzie go. I thought she was riot!
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    Re: 1/2/2012 The Bachelor *West Coast Spoilers*

    I like Ben although the skinny dipping... that is NOT classy boo Ben!

    So far out of all the girls I like Kacie B the best she seems really genuine and sweet

    Jenna- oh my this girl is nuts I was really hoping she would get the axe, guess they want to draw out the cat fight with Monica a little longer
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    Re: 1/2/2012 The Bachelor *West Coast Spoilers*

    -)) that girl should take care of her nerves, or at least quit drinking.

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    Re: 1/2/2012 The Bachelor *West Coast Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by Midol View Post
    Ben doesn't want sweet and geniune...he wants someone hot who under normal circumstances he would never get.

    Doubt Ben is in this for anything other than money and the chance to promote the winery...I'm sure that will be mentioned a time or two and no doubt we will have a visit there as well. He will grope and she will endure it for the sake of the show and her own publicity...because she is a model in case you didn't hear. She is in her late twenties and models generally don't last too much past that unless they are truly famous and she clearly isn't but wants to be...hence the Bachelor to further her own career. A couple made in ratings heaven...I see shades of the Suckdashians with a timely split to further extend their fifteen minutes.

    Not that I am bitter or jaded about this show or anything...
    Sounds like we could start a new drinking game - every time Courtney mentions she's a model or puts down another girl, we drink. Any time Ben mentions wine or his winery, we drink. How high are your drinking thresholds, friends?? [And for those really daring folks, you could add any time Jenna cries to the mix!]

    Move past the bitter and jaded...I don't know how they did it, but Brad's season broke me of what was a time-consuming obsession. Now I watch and laugh w/ my only care being that I hope my favorite doesn't get picked.
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    Re: 1/2/2012 The Bachelor *West Coast Spoilers*

    Who was the woman who didn't greet Ben when she got out of the limo? Did she make the cut? It takes me forever to figure out who's who on these shows.

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