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Thread: Seinne -Bachelor 22

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    Seinne -Bachelor 22

    Age: 27

    Occupation: Commercial Real Estate Manager

    Hometown: Long Beach, CA

    Height: 5'4"

    Tattoos: No

    If you could be any animal, which one would you be?

    An elephant. They are incredibly intelligent, loyal, and just beautiful creatures.

    What are five things you can't live without?

    Yoga mat, passport, lip gloss, sunglasses and the ocean.

    What's your favorite holiday?

    New Year's Eve new beginnings and lots of champagne.

    If you won the lottery, what would you do with your winnings?

    Buy each of my family members their dream homes and then travel the world and do philanthropic work.

    What's your favorite TV show?

    Game of Thrones, even though I'm often confused.

    What qualities do you look for in a mate?

    Confidence, charming, kind, loyal, funny, open-minded, and intelligent.

    Are you religious?

    I am spiritual, I believe in honoring yourself and treating all people with respect.

    Seinne | The Bachelor
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    Re: Seinne -Bachelor 22

    I'm going to think of Brett Favre whenever I see her name on the screen. Like him, she pronounces her name in a way that it isn't spelled. Si-enn.
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    Re: Seinne -Bachelor 22

    I was thinking that it was pronounced the same way that you would pronounce the river that flows through Paris: The Seine.
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