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Thread: Bachelor 22 Arie: SPOILERS and SPECULATION ***SPOILERS***

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    Re: Bachelor 22 Arie: SPOILERS and SPECULATION ***SPOILERS***

    Last night my Dad accidentally put on The Bachelor at about, oh, 9:15 p.m. He's never seen the show. He has strong opinions about the whole concept of the show. Let's just say he isn't a fan. Yet, in a few minutes, he and I were totally caught up in Chris Harrisons carnival barker routine. We knew better than to believe his "Never before seen on live TV history of reality TV" Shtick. But , like any other carnival attendees we put our better judgement aside because who doesn't want to see what amazing oddity is behind those carnival curtains? Sure, we knew we were getting taken by The Bachelor. I suppose wanting to see a ridiculous, over the top conclusion (as advertised) is the same as paying 5 cents to see the two headed cow; You know it's fake. But, you can't resist the urge to look.
    Well, like any good carnival barker, Chris was relentless in selling the crowd on the idea that we were in for something `so incredible , so shocking' something never before seen' we watched despite knowing better. But, in the end? Though we knew going in we were going to be bamboozled, we didn't think it would be this bad. It's like seeing the stitching on the two headed cow. Yes, you know it was never real to begin with, but still, it's a letdown.
    We are going back to the carnival tonight. Because we are suckers.
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