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  • Nikki

    27 50.00%
  • Clare

    3 5.56%
  • Neither

    24 44.44%
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Thread: Who will Juan Pablo choose?

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    Who will Juan Pablo choose?

    Who will be the lucky (?) girl - Nikki or Clare?

    Please, no spoilers in this thread.
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    Re: Who will Juan Pablo choose?

    If I have to choose - I would say Nikki because he has already shown some trust in her by introducing her to his family. Clare is very emotional and clingy and I think he has noticed that; but Nikki can be a cold fish. What is a boy to do?

    Since I did choose, I went with the third option because I don't think he found what he was looking for in this group.
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    Re: Who will Juan Pablo choose?

    I voted for neither, but I'm really hoping they both turn him down/leave early so he's left alone. I'd find that ending to be epic. Plus it would save JuanPa the time and energy of faking his way through a relationship with one of them for a few more weeks/months.
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    Re: Who will Juan Pablo choose?

    I voted for neither, also. I just don't see it with either of these two women. I think he's more physically attracted to Clare but that's about it.

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    Re: Who will Juan Pablo choose?

    Poor Clare. A tie between Nikki and neither is pretty rough for her especially when you consider that she is probably more in love with Juan Pablo than anyone.
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    Re: Who will Juan Pablo choose?

    I voted neither. This season has me completely lost lol. I think Clare would be the better fit for him, but I see him gravitate to Nikki more beyond the physical attraction. Plus with Nikki's demeanor I think she would make a horrible parent at this point.
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    Re: Who will Juan Pablo choose?

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    Re: Who will Juan Pablo choose?

    I voted for Nikki, but option 3 would make for a more interesting ending to this season, and the ATFR would probably be juicier. What is the trailer calling the ending: the "OMG finale" or something like that?
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    Re: Who will Juan Pablo choose?

    I think he looked into the mirror in the Fantasy Suite, and will choose the one he saw there. So I voted "neither."

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    Re: Who will Juan Pablo choose?

    It doesn't matter to me who he chooses or doesn't choose. If he does choose someone it's probably over by now anyway.
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