I've been thinking about Clare's sister and her edit. Could it be that Juan Pablo isn't the only one who got thrown under the bus this season? I'm just envisioning what might have been occurring at the time she was giving those looks to her mom. Have you ever had someone come to your home and they were doing something, or you overheard them say something, and you needed to communicate that to a family member, but you didn't have the privacy to do it so you give your family member a look and you hope that they will pick up on it? I have no clue as to what might have been going on at the time, but with a house full of strangers and cameras, it could have been a number of things. What made matters worse is that her mom was oblivious so she kept giving the look, and giving the look. I can sympathize because this very same thing has happened to me! And of course, when the people left, and I told my husband, his response was, "Why didn't you saying something?"

You can't even get away with whispering on this show. They'll film it and then they will caption it so that viewers won't miss a word.