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Thread: Sharleen - The Bachelor 18

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    Re: Sharleen - The Bachelor 18

    Quote Originally Posted by Arielflies View Post
    No, I think they meant junior league as a put in, you are not up to the standard we set for our company. Since this is the first time she has been rejected and emphasized those words, I think she was referring to it as an epithet.
    Oops, I guess I took it way too literally! I took it to mean because of the show she is considered a vapid and superficial type of person. At the college I went to, which was known for an excellent music department, the music majors did NOT mix with the sorority/fraternity folks. They considered themselves more serious & intellectual. (Sorority people become the junior leaguers after college.)

    Any way you slice it, participating in the show has made her look too frivolous to be taken seriously.
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    Re: Sharleen - The Bachelor 18

    Wow, that is a shame, but certainly not surprising. This show would only look good on your resume if you were applying to be a cocktail waitress in Vegas.

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