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Thread: 1/6 The Bachelor 18: Premiere Episode **West Coast Spoilers**

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    Re: 1/6 The Bachelor 18: Premiere Episode **West Coast Spoilers**

    Hi fellow crazy ones.

    Good to be back. I didn't know there would be a Bachelor so soo, so I had to play catch up.

    Now I always pay catch up cause I have to download the shows, but now I am really behind. 2 episodes. YEAH!

    How cringe worthy those first meetings. I am sitting on my couch feeling ashamed. Ashamed for them. Also interesting to see what kind of musi is being played under which girl. Now I am not a sleuth but I bet that the music is a good pointer to who will end up in the last 5.

    I like JPB but I am not sure he has a lot of depth.

    Bahaha to Renee saying that it will be easier talking about her child who is 8. Okay maybe with boys it can be but not with girls. They become little monsters.

    OMG That massage woman. I thought her a tad weird but this dress is ugly. She is much prettier but it is hidden.
    First Impression rose. To be honest I hope this will be a great season cause I like him, but I think this season will have many awkward moments.

    Only 1 coloured woman.
    To me the outstander after 50 minutes is the opera singer.

    Wow I felt really sorry for The girl that was dumped and JPB did not hep her a tiny bit. OMG Am I already not liking him anymore? No depth.

    What? JPB agrees with me? The woman who had the best impression on me was the opera singer who lived in Germany, 300 km from my house

    ...what.... haha she does not want him anymore. She is disappointed. Yes me too! She was not very good in hiding it.

    will be continued.
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