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Thread: AshLee F - B17 NO SPOILERS

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    Re: AshLee F - B17 NO SPOILERS

    Quote Originally Posted by Need40winks View Post
    "Getting the ring", to me, means I went through all the junk to get here, and I get the grabbing the brass ring. I win because I get the ring and I get the man. It was all worth it. Anyway, he said he pointed the ring out to her after about 5 minutes....I am sure more than 5 minutes elapsed before they got on the elephant.
    Yes, because they were standing, the next shot they were already on the elephant. it was very cool! I would of loved it.
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    Re: AshLee F - B17 NO SPOILERS

    Quote Originally Posted by Anemic Dog View Post
    Just once, I'd like to see Chris Harrison say the following at the first rose ceremony:

    "Ladies (ding, ding, ding). Welcome to The Bachelor... You know the drill by now, you've seen it on television... We have Sean Lowe in the house. You've seen him rejected by Emily. It was the most dramatic rose ceremony ever... at least until tonight... He's hot. We'll show you plenty of footage of Sean in the shower. We probably picked him in part because he spends most of his life in the weight room. He isn't the brightest guy in the world, in fact he can't really count to 200. He's got some money, and we'll give him some more, so he's doing OK on that end...

    "In short, ladies, he's someone you can show off with pride... however, like every hot 20-something full-of-himself man in America trying to make a name for himself on reality television, he's only looking for one thing. Oh, we'll pretend like we always do. And, who knows, maybe lightning will strike and love will blossom once the lights are off and the gaffer goes home for the season. We'll do our part and create impossibly romantic scenarios....

    "Now a few of you will get to stick around for a few weeks. You've read the contracts, so you have to provide a family. Don't worry, we have some rentals if you need them. In fact, we've got this guy with a ridiculous tattoo on his wrist who's willing to play an angry brother or a jilted lover, or even a love child for you older contestants. Just ask when the time comes...

    "When you get to those alone dates, you will probably have sex with Sean. He's a red-blooded American male, and, well, we can't pay him *that* much so we promised him he could have that alone time. You've all had your screenings, and he has, too. Just be safe, OK?

    "And, ladies, while we ask that you open yourselves up (see page 17 of the contract) and provide us with a generous supply of 'I can see myself married to Sean' quotes (see page 34), he's going to dump almost all of you. Yeah, he will. Yes, you in the back with the dark hair, the angry stare and the impossible figure... He will dump you, and you won't see it coming... No, I'm telling you that he is required to take four of you on home-town dates and he will say anything to ensure that happens. We can't have another Shannon from season one.

    "Yeah, that was embarrassing. I mean, we took care of it. But our contracts weren't as strong then, so page 54 and the fine-print about baseball bats and kneecaps wasn't there at all. Just be careful out there, remember your lines, work with our acting coach so that you can cry on cue if you have no formal training. And let the games begin."
    Refresh my memory -- what happened with Shannon? All I remember is her anger when she was sent home...
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