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Thread: Monica *No Spoilers*

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    Re: Monica *No Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by VelvetBex View Post
    She came off better last night, quite funny and bonkers.

    Dragon in killer heels...hilarious.
    I agree...she was better last night. And at the rose ceremony, when many of the girls were obviously so drunk it took real effort to just stand there, she seemed like she was pretty
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    Re: Monica *No Spoilers*

    I totally agree, she was much more likeable on last night's episode.

    She totally reminds me of Laura Linney.

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    Re: Monica *No Spoilers*

    The Bachelor: Monica Spannbauer Glad She Left the Show :

    Monica Spannbauer: I'm Glad I Left The Bachelor

    By Carrie Bell

    Although Ben Flajnik is a guy she'd "want to hang out with," he's definitely not someone Monica Spannbauer would like to date.

    The Salt Lake City dental consultant, 33, told reporters she didn't have romantic feelings towards The Bachelor – or for fellow contestant Blakeley – and explains why she thinks Ben and Courtney deserve each other.

    Night one, you were vocal about not being that into Ben. Did feelings emerge?
    I'd never seen the show so I hadn't fallen in love with him by watching last season like some girls. I came in literally knowing four things about this man.

    The first night I thought he was stuffy and boring. As I got to know him, [I realized] he's really fun and quirky. He's definitely a guy I'd want to hang out with, just not [one] I'd want to date.

    Was it because you preferred Blakeley?

    I knew this was coming. Blakeley and I hit it off in the limo. You walk into the lion's den nervous as can be and it's nice to have someone like a friend going with you.

    I liked her a lot. Was it in the context of me being bisexual and into her? Absolutely not. I wasn't trying to get her number to be a girlfriend. She was stressed. I was trying to be comforting. I said, "If we go home tonight and all I get is making a new friend, then awesome."

    Surprised you didn't get a rose?

    Through the conversation Ben and I had, I suspected I was going home. He wasn't feeling anything for me as much as I wasn't feeling him. For the record, that's why I wore this ridiculous dress with huge red roses on it that I've had for 15 years. It was a joke like, "I already got my rose. It's on my dress."

    They made it seem like a race between you and Emily.

    I felt bad she had so much anxiety. I never thought she was going. She's quirky, pretty, smart and funny. [She], Nikki and Kacie B. are probably the only three I can see Ben with.

    So you weren't disappointed?

    I was glad I left. I was team Kacie B. so [it felt like I] was dating her boyfriend. I couldn't do that. She's the sweetest, most adorable thing. What you see is what you get.

    Hoping Kacie wins then?

    Watching now, I really hope he doesn't pick Kacie. I don't think he's deserving of what a kind beautiful person she is. I think he'll break her heart.

    If he did pick her and they're in the blissful new relationship state, having to watch this awfulness will be detrimental. If it's Courtney [who wins], she can just slough it off and say, "Winning" and won't care.

    It sounds like you don't have a very high opinion of Courtney or Ben.

    This side of Ben is very disappointing. I feel like he's genuine, but the choices he's making, he's purely being a man and being manipulated. I knew he liked her, but everyone was 100 percent convinced that she was going to shoot herself in the foot on the group date because she doesn't do well with us.

    She manipulated him and he gave her the rose. Worst decision ever. It put everybody on edge. They were in tears going, "If this is the kind of girl he wants, I don't know if I should be here." Emily was trying to give him a head's up like, "Honestly do you not see what's happening?"

    Does she deserve the backlash?

    She deserves everything that's coming to her. Courtney's manipulative and not very nice. She said very rotten things to the others.

    She's different around women than a man. She was not shy about making it obvious to the rest of us know she felt better than us. She's a weird duck. She had to take a 4-hour nap before every event.

    He cares what his family thinks and I guarantee they [don't think] she's a very nice girl for Ben. If he's that shallow and she's that manipulative, they deserve each other.

    Does next week's skinny-dipping surprise you?

    Courtney is going to pull out any gun necessary to make this work for her. Everything Courtney does is despite the women, to hurt everybody and not necessarily to get Ben.

    You didn't find love but did anything make the experience worthwhile?

    I learned how to see me in a different light. I found myself through this show. Which was a cool thing for me being 33. I mean, finally.
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    Re: Monica *No Spoilers*

    I was already starting to like Monica before she left and her responses just make me like her even more.

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