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Thread: Ben's Blog

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    Re: Ben's Blog

    Quote Originally Posted by mesachick View Post
    I agree they won't let go -but it's also their bread and butter to report these things. If Ben hates the media as much as he says he does, I wish they would just come clean about the fact that they really aren't together, and the mags will leave them alone as there won't be anything left scandalous to report on.
    Yes, thats true. Perhaps ,as I said before, they have a contractual agreement with the show. They wont share that fact with anyone( the show that is)
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    Re: Ben's Blog

    Quote Originally Posted by bachelorwatcher View Post
    If Ben had chosen somebody nice, somebody respectable, instead of Courtney, it could have been the best experience of his life. He has no one to blame but himself.
    Set A = respectable

    Set B = agrees to participate in a reality television show where 25 women are encouraged (if not contractually obligated) to throw themselves at one man, constantly on camera

    Set C = intersection of Sets A and B = Zero
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