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Thread: Griffin Hosts NBC's 'Average Joe'

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    outlet for the "Average Joes!"

    So you all have been talking about how all the guys on reality TV are hunky and stuff right? Well I just saw something the other night about some Average Joes and a hot girl! THIS should be interesting. I can't wait to see what developes on this one. Anyone else have more info about NBC's "Average Joe?"

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    Me too! A nice alternative to those who don't want to get sucked into the pit that is Joe Millionare 2..

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    novemver 3rd

    Quote Originally Posted by Lucy
    I saw a preview for this show one night recently.... I could have sworn they said it started airing later this month. But there's no reference to it on NBC's site. Anyone got any info?

    November 3rd

    thanks john for posting the airdate - i am looking forward to this show

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