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Thread: I Need The Tape Of The Finale!!!!! Please!!!!

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    I Need The Tape Of The Finale!!!!! Please!!!!

    Does anyone have the finale for Average Joe:Adam Returns????? I forgot to tape it on Monday and was watching the NCAA final tournament, and I can't find anyone who has it taped. I still don't know who he picked, and have been doing everything to avoid finding out. I live in Michigan in Oakland County, for anyone who is close and can send a copy ASAP. If nobody is around here, I can wait. I will pay for the tape and shipping and handling, and can pay you through Pay Pal or put a check in the mail tomorrow.

    Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!

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    I can help you !


    I got all the Adams return serie and Average Joe Hawaï serie. If You and even others people are interested you can e-mail me to clysavour@hotmail.com It will be my pleasure to help you !


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