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Thread: Rachel Goetz Fired!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anemic Dog
    That's solid pay given the educational requirements...Teaching is not on the high end of hours spent working compared to most non-hourly professions, even when school is in session. It just isn't....Part of the problem with teachers these days is once they've been in a slot for a few years and have enough lesson plans filed away, they aren't doing much outside of school and adapting to the changing needs of students today.

    But anyway, this is supposed to be about Rachel, and I just don't buy that this is a black-and-white "She shirked her responsibility so she deserves to get fired" issue. And like I mentioned in a previous post, ultimately Rachel doesn't lose, and ultimately the school board and their budget doesn't lose--ultimately the only losers here are Rachel's students.

    It seems as if the school board was too quick to play "This is a black n' white, cut n' dried issue" with a situation in which student-learning is at stake.
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    taking chances

    Quote Originally Posted by SunshineGirl
    Gimme a break. She took a risk, and it backfired. This has never happened to any of you?

    I think she is a really sweet, sincere person, and I hope things work out for her.
    I agree with you Sunshine, you got to take chances in order for dreams to come true.....................

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    - Comments were removed . Teachers have been getting fired since Heidi stripped for peanut butter - well probably before ....

    - This show is over. This is an archive for news . ( read the big red letters )There is no need to have a running commentary on something so unrelated to reality TV or AJ ADAM . My suggestion is that the participants take it to PM or start a RESPECTFUL thread in current events.
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