Is that they perpetuate the myth that beauty/sex appeal and good character have to come in separate packages. Attractive people are not necessarily shallow and self absorbed, just as geeks, dorks, losers, and generally unattractive people are not necessarily nice and sweet to compensate for being physically unappealing. We somehow expected the AJ guys to be 'nice' and the uglier and fatter they were, the more we 'demand' that they be of wonderful character. After all, if they're going to have the audacity to be ugly [sarcasm] in this world, then they had better be super nice, sweet, friendly, loyal, etc.

The Samantha/Rachel finale was predictable. A girl Adam thought was 'nice' and who his parents liked, vs. a hot chick. Adam's own comment showed that he merely reflects the social truths that there are girls you marry and girls you hang out with. Somehow he managed to have it be true that the girl who'd be a perfect wife was not the one to hang out with, not the 'hot one.'