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Thread: What's next for Average Joe?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maveno
    No! I do not get emotionally, financially or any other way "invested" in these shows OTHER than watching them, having an opinion and posting them here.
    Dang, Maveno! That must mean you have a life! Wow...wish I knew where to get one of those. Me, I get emotionally wrapped up - upset for the losers - ticked off when Mr/Ms got-there-show picks the person I didn't like...etc, etc. I wish I didn't get so addicted to these shows though. I do, however, realize that I don't know any of these people or what they went through. I don't lose sleep over any of the contestants (well, unless you count Brian Worth...I really liked that guy and felt so bad for him when he didn't). Like I said...I need a life
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    Quote Originally Posted by marimekko
    The history of these shows is that they "build up" the loser as the "right choice" and the winner is the "evil/no substance" type of person. I guess most people think with black and white terms so it is very easy for a network to do that. This type of editing also allows them to bring back the loser who was "robbed". I especially am not interested in seeing Brian Worth returns. I think it would another round of Adam returns revisited.
    Most people now consider these series of shows as somewhat "fake", due to all the manipulative editing. I think the only way this series of shows will be successful in the future is if they air live action, unedited. I don't know how they could do that and fit it into the primetime slots though--but that's the only way it'd be believable/watchable now. I imagine viewership dropped dramatically for Average Joe Adam and that's why they truncated the series. P.S. Absolutely NO WAY would I watch an Average Joe Brian returns. He has advertised his shallowness so many times...he was NOT very endearing. I doubt fan letters were pouring in, if you get my drift.

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    Just to clear things up, NBC didn't "truncate the series". Right from the initial planning stages of the show, it was intended to only be 4 episodes long.

    And ratings weren't bad at all for the third series of this show, considering factors such as night, time slot, network, lead-in, and the fact that it's the 3rd in a series.

    Almost all reality shows are "fake" and have a lot of "manupulative editing". It doesn't really seem to diminish enjoyment or viewership of the show, in almost all cases.

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    Thanks for clearing that up John...i thought this show was just as entertaining as the previous 2 AJ's...the stunts to me are what keeps the viewer who wouldn't normally watch these dating shows involved.

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