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Thread: 4/5 Show Discussion **Spoilers until 2am**

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    Quote Originally Posted by AIWANNABE
    We realize this, that shows are edited to cast people in certain roles, and thats the only thing we have to go by. As you know they cant edit a golddigger or slut in. Sam went on the show understanding that some people may not like her, and we here at the FORT are entitled to have our opinions, no matter what they are, good or bad.
    What was it exactly that protrayed Sam as a slut?

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    I hope and pray that we do not see more of Rachel or Brian Worth on Average Joe 27 or 35....They will manage to ruin our images of them very quickly...and I would rather see them with the blemishes hidden...

    As real as professional wrestling....as honest as the guests on Jerry Springer....

    I don't want these people to have reality TV careers....I hope NBC puts this to bed soon.....

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    Anemic Dog
    Quote Originally Posted by ritzgirl
    What was it exactly that protrayed Sam as a slut?
    I think it was the part where she had her hand on his swim trunks and he was saying "no, don't stop."

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    I don't buy the whole "the producers portrayed her in a bad light" thing. The fact is, she actually DID the things people are complaining about, and it was caught on tape. Sure they may have left good things out about her, but what was shown most certainly was a part of her.

    Likewise, I'm sure they left bad things out about Rachel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alien_Kat
    Last I checked this wasn't a chat room =P

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    Must admit, I wasn't paying too much attention to this series. I find Adam totally unattractive and dopey. For me the high point of the show was the return of David Daskal, infinitely more interesting than Adam will ever be.

    Rachel is a smart, classy girl who will make someone a wonderful wife and mother. She would have truly been wasted on a doofus like Adam.

    I'm hoping everyone in New York will carry a camera with them at all times, so that someday in the near future we can all be treated to a photo of Samantha striding purposefully down the street, with Adam schlepping along behind her with a load of expensive parcels under one arm, and a flatulent canine in a pink tutu under the other.

    And a big "Howdy" to all the newbies who signed on to the FORT last night.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anemic Dog
    I think it was the part where she had her hand on his swim trunks and he was saying "no, don't stop."
    How does that make her a slut? Agressive, yes. Are there guys out there who think a girl is a slut by making the first move??

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    I didn't think Samantha came across as a slut in any of the episodes. I would think there are a lot of men that would prefer the girl to be a bit aggressive. Adam was kind of slutty though. There isn't a problem going out and kissing girls you date. He kind of pushed the envelope though. I still can't figure out why he asked Rachel about passion when he knew he wasn't going to pick her. He didn't seem to have a problem making out with her on their last date when his mind was made up to pick Samantha either. The problem is that we had an "idea" of what we thought Adam was like and now we have an "idea" of what Sam is like. The fact is we don't really know very much about either of them. Isn't it time to just put this to bed and everyone go on with their own lives?

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    From our FAQ:
    About Reality TV and Editing
    Yes, we all know "reality TV" isn't reality. You aren't telling us anything new. The term "reality TV" refers specifically to unscripted, non-professional actors. And even "unscripted" doesn't mean the producers didn't suggest things.

    We also realize the shows we see are heavily edited, for both entertainment purposes and to give a "storyline" to the shows and each person on it. On this site, we enjoy the show for the entertainment value. We don't really care what really happened behind the scenes. Although interesting, it's not really that important.
    Anyone who harasses other members will be removed from the site. If you know someone who was on a show - get a grip .

    also from our FAQ
    Members who are flaming, baiting, or insulting other members will be removed from the site. And a special note here: if you ARE a contestant on a reality show, and you choose to visit our site, then you will be required to obey these same rules, and not insult our members for commenting on the characters on a TV show. We expect everyone to play nice.

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