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Thread: 4/5 Show Discussion **Spoilers until 2am**

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    Adam Proves That Even Average Goes For Looks

    OK, I am dissappointed with the whole thing. Adam has proven that the average guy who was passed over for looks will do the same given the chance. It was clearly obvious that Rachael was the better choice. She and he had so much in common that it was not funny. But what does he do, go with the HIGH maintenance, poodle clothes buying type of woman who would rather eat out than to spend a quiet evening at home with the man of her dreams. She is only out for someone to support her in the lifestyle that she has become accustomed to and his parents saw this in her. Adam should have listened to Mom and Dad, they saw the difference and he should have known it when thier date included the shopping spree for the dog. He has forsaken his motto and if I were Rachael I would send him his braclet back. It proves again that these types of shows are so predictable. Always pick looks over substance, that is what these shows have told us. I am so glad that there are men in this world who don't think that way.

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    Though there is no way that I would pick Sam over Rachel, I have to think that it wasn't all about gettin laid by the hottest chick. The dude is a millionaire, right? Money can get you as good looking a girl as you want. It may have appeared as though he made the shallow choice, but maybe they did connect better.

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    I only saw the first episode and the ending of last nights show. To me it seemed that Rachael would have been the best choice for the long run. I didn't like Sam at all.

    The best of luck to Rachael.

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    So glad it's over.. I have been disappointed w/ Adam from the very beginning of this show, therefore I was in no way suprised!

    Glad it's over.. I'd laugh if he got dumped, after Sam gets all she wants ! You're right people Rachel does deserve better, and she will get it!

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    A friend
    Quote Originally Posted by eraser
    HOLLLLLLLLAAAAAAAA!!!! I totally agree.

    I would've chosen Samantha also. HAVEN'T YOU GUYS LEARNED ANYTHING FROM THE LAST TWO AJ? They always make one person as the ideal man/woman......... thru EDITING! I'm pretty sure Adam and Sam had a connection as with the previous AJ couples. NBC just wants to piss you off, so u get entertained and keep coming back.
    exactly, tv producers want drama. Trust me there is more than meets the eye to every story. Finally, someone backing me up.Just because someone's pretty that doesn't mean thats all they are.

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    Really? There's editing on reality shows? Dang, my balloon has been burst.

    Doesn't change the fact that the whole site exists for the purpose of discussing what we SEE on the TV, whether it be good or bad. As stated clearly in our rules.

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    I was so sickened by Adam choosing :phhht Samantha. Did anyone notice how Samantha often pulled away from Adam's kisses? And had a faint repulsed look about her? By looking at all the kissing scenes, Adam isn't a good kisser (IMO), and Samantha seemed as though kissing Adam was a task she had to fulfill until she WON. It was all about winning with Samantha. I wonder if she looks repulsed when her mutt Chloe kisses her?

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    Well, what we DID see was a self-involved, high maintenance opportunist. I hope that she does genuinely like Adam, but she doesn't appear to.

    Regardless of what his parents think, Adam did say he wanted a family and to settle down with someone as opposed to drifting from relationship to relationship. We haven't seen any evidence that he's discussed this with Samantha, but maybe he has.

    I hope it works out for him, but I can't see it lasting.
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    It may just mean that you have a lot to learn about proper hammer maintenance.

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    Wow really?

    Best part of the show was seeing David Daskell get beat up. Of course it kind of sucked having to even see him again.

    That Adam, what a shmekel .

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    The test will come when Adam gets sick, with the flu, for example. You know, vomiting, running to the loo, bad breath, unshaven, and in need of some TLC. Samantha will hate this to the maximum. Afterall, she needs ADAM to cater to her, wait on her, bestow upon her gifts, and yes, of course, put up with the tooty farts of her beloved canine sidekick, Chloe.


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