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Thread: 4/5 Show Discussion **Spoilers until 2am**

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    Hey Ellie, back the truck up! see #422!

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    Subliminal One
    Quote Originally Posted by girllostname
    The nice girls are always better in the bedroom! You haven't learned that yet?
    I've always had suspicions. But I've only dated very attractive girls in my lifetime. Maybe it's time to start expanding my horizons!

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    On that note as I look at my clock.....and it's 3:04 AM, I need to go to bed. Have a wonderful night all! One day mankind is going to see that the unattainable is never within reach because then what would life be if we all reached it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Subliminal One
    I've always had suspicions. But I've only dated very attractive girls in my lifetime. Maybe it's time to start expanding my horizons!

    You don't have to be unattractive to be considered a "nice girl."

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    The fact is that people on this show are chosen because they continue to prove that they are "normal people". Most normal guys would have picked the best looking girl. If they wouldn't, then they would probably not have been invited to do a reality show. It's too bad that people like Rachel get involved in what they believe to be "real life". News flash...NBC is not real life. People change in front of the camra. Live and learn I guess. But the real question is: Is Rachel really genuine, or simply putting on a show for the world? Having been through various bad relationships myself and being able to see some of the signs, I'm betting on genuine. Keep your chin up Rachel. And know this... Samantha was not worth passing you up if you are the real deal. I wish I could find you.

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    Samantha is disgusting.

    How can he pick Samantha after he was so annoyed on the "doggie shopping date"--you know that's her life. Dates with her was all about red flags popping up everywhere. Adam is a fool to not see through her hollow shell.

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    The reasons

    Let's all discuss why Adam proved he didn't deserve Rachel and that we couldn't have wished a better selection for him to lose all his money with......

    He starts out saying he isn't going to 'kiss them all' and make it 'just about sex'. He intones by his opening speech that he wants a serious relationship, something that is lasting and about more than 'eye candy'. He proves he is dedicated to the girls by sending home the girls in the scraps of cloth for swim suits, and then never brags to the other girls what he did. He takes them all out on 'adventure' type dates and shows he is down to earth, looking for fun.........

    But, then we see him for what he really is..... he makes out with them all, tries hard to hide it, can't open a bottle of champagne (twice) and jams his nose in almost every girls eye as he tries to kiss them. Adam is not smooth, he doesn't have a lot to say, he doesn't bother asking 'any' of the girls any questions that will lead to a lasting relationship, he just wants to know if he can keep kissing them.

    He obviously wanted the 'girl he could never have' from this show, the girl that wouldn't even think about talking to him in his own bar. He made so many negative remarks about the dog and Sam show, he couldn't stand being with Sam in a 'real' date situation because he didn't want the date or her life or her interests......... he wanted he body.

    I wish someone could research and find out how her grandparents died and determine if their initials are the same as the ones in her tattoo, you know she just reeled him in, played him like a flute. (At one point in the hot tub I'm sure she was actually playing with his flute)

    Rachel said it all, Adam isn't ready for the commitment that most of the girls was there to give him... in my opinion, he got rid of Amy because she nailed him down and put him on the spot. She wanted to know he was committed and ready for a serious relationship..... he knew when he picked Sam and Rachel that he was picking a happy 6 months in bed and 'flute job' for every dog outfit he buys.

    Adam proved just how truly shallow he is at this particular point in his life..... and, that's OK, if only he had told us all upfront that he just wanted to get 'petted'. His wallet is gonna take a big hit while he shows Sam around town, she said it herself, "I'm looking forward to the dinners out together." He will spend money on her, Rachel would have required his time and a dedicated relationship that he doesn't deserve.

    I only feel bad that Rachel lost her job searching for a dream but I know there will be a lot more opportunities for her in the life she has ahead....... she and Amy were the right choices for the 'love connection' and Sam was his 'lust' in New York.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sneekypete
    As an AJ myself I have to wholeheartedly disagree, my buddy and I thought Adam was on phreakin' crack for passing up Rachel! Personality counts for some of us out there.
    Well... plus she was still pretty good looking. The issue, has been narrowed to the following: he went for the sexually aggressive girl, the girl with no strings except his willingness to spend money on her, the girl who if that money kept coming might or might be smart enough to hide her other affairs, but until that point would probably make that little head very happy. Versus a very pretty very nice girl who might be a bit TOO mom approved, and who might not like anything wild sexually, but who he'd never for a minute have to worry about. In other words, he went for the trophy/fuck-buddy, despite the fact that he dismissed that crowd of bikini girls a few episodes ago. Then again... I think he got what he was REALLY looking for.

    I think now that he would have kept the bikini girls if it hadn't occured to him that he'd look like an ass if he did.
    And which poster said some men pick personality over looks?
    But he didn't pick looks over personality. He picked hot uncomplicated sex over the girl next door. He wasn't going to lose in the looks department either way, because if the hottest of the sent-away bikini girls was a 9.5 (probably the one with short dark hair), and Brittany with the child was an 8.5 (more commitment issues of Adam's got her sent away), Samantha was probably an 8.0 and Rachel a firm 7.5 (with the additional, and probably VERY true observation from Adam that she's probably ALWAYS pretty--she's that 7.5 morning, noon or night, regardless of makeup, and will probably age really well). This wasn't a choice about looks, it was about whether or not he was being honest about looking for a soulmate. And he wasn't.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill747
    Speak for yourself. I happen to agree with Adam. If I were in his shoes, I also would have chosen Samantha. She is prettier and more glamorous. She may be high maintenance, but with his wealth and income, he can afford it.

    The parents' preference for Rachel is not important unless I were living in their basement, such as Jason the waiter. Sam's high maintenance is not a big deal unless I had average or below-average income.

    Adam and Sam seems like a perfect match: he has a knack for making money and she has a knack for spending it.
    HOLLLLLLLLAAAAAAAA!!!! I totally agree.

    I would've chosen Samantha also. HAVEN'T YOU GUYS LEARNED ANYTHING FROM THE LAST TWO AJ? They always make one person as the ideal man/woman......... thru EDITING! I'm pretty sure Adam and Sam had a connection as with the previous AJ couples. NBC just wants to piss you off, so u get entertained and keep coming back.

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    This is what they promised everyone:

    Glassman and Krasnow hint, though, that they're most interested in Mesh being able to find the right woman.

    "You know [almost] 20 million people watched the final episode of Adam's series and left loving him," Glassman says. "So our No. 1 goal in this show is we want to give Adam and the viewers the romantic, happy ending so many people think he deserves."

    They certainly didn't deliver on that promise in my opinion, instead they worked real hard, spent a lot of money and a lot of time getting "nice guy" Adam laid!

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