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Thread: 4/5 Show Discussion **Spoilers until 2am**

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    Luna, I think the editing has been done to the effect to make Sam the bad person and Rachel the perfect wife as possible. Their dates could have been edited alot too. Lets not forget they only had a few dates in 3 weeks? So they are still at the stage of knowing each and somewhat nervous around each other. Rachel and Adam had a lot to talk about, but it can be argued that they are more friends type instead of any romance. Maybe thats the way Adam felt about her, who knows. The point is despite what has been shown to the audiences, we shouldn't make quick judgement on their characters. And why did the producers brought Sam's dog on to their date? What was their purpose? To sabotage their date or to portray her as a self centered biatch? Like I said, editing makes alot of difference

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    Editing can do a lot,but if you don't say or do the things they use they can't make it up.

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    Well ew, just plain eeww! Overall I was disappointed in Adam, the show and his final choice. I'm glad this AJ was shorter than the other. I guess I just liked watching all the average joes.

    I definately see Sam as the physical lust choice - no future there. She'll suck him dry and break his heart. Adam came across to me as just not being ready for a serious relationship despite what he said. I mean he made out with many girls as much as possible and said nothing more intelligent than "I like kissing her." Maybe he based his decision on kissing.

    He just needs to sow his wild oats - all this sudden attention after the show has probably blown him away and the chance to have a beautiful women is something he can't resist. Sam is his eye candy - his chance to walk around with someone pretty, although unsubstantial.

    Not impressed at all and glad this AJ is over - I did really enjoy the other ones more.
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    Very true Lavender

    One has to remember to keep that in mind. :-)

    HOWEVER, the bit was the dog was probably BEYOND any editors wildest dreams. Jackpot gold on that one. No editing needed :-)

    I actually thought the producers, as a joke, sent that bag with all the dog clothes. It seemed that way when they were in the limo going thru it. THEN I realized they were clothes SHE had brought for her dog.

    She was in the ZONE during those scenes.. she had her dog, shopping and was shopping FOR her dog. All her attention was on her dog, Adam seemed almost like a secondary tag-along ..ha-ha.

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    I was like Adam. I had been dating two young ladies but as the relationships progressed I chose to be with the more physically attractive one. Most relationships begin with some sort of physical attraction, which to paraphrase Adam himself, makes you think of that person all the time you are not with her and want to hold her tighter when you are. That feeling goes away, if that feeling is based purely on that initial physical attraction. After nearly a year of dating I still had this feeling for the prettier of the two ladies I was seeing, so I broke up with the other one. It is unreasonable to expect that Adam would have cleared the smoke of lust from his mind in the weeks during the show to actually make a good decision. The entire final episode (the only one I've watched) I was thinking Adam had better choose the more substantive of the two women (giving Samantha a lot of leeway on the definition of woman). How could he not be aware of the humongous character flaws in the glorified sales clerk. If she is not simply a gold-digger then she is utterly dependent and clingy to no end. A clingy (needy, high maintenance) girl-friend can seem flattering to a guy for a month maybe but after that it is like having a undisciplined child in your care. I am an average joe and I made the same choice Adam made, except mine resulted in marriage (still married eight years later). I'm not unhappy but I do look back at that choice and think to myself "Now which head was I using when I made that crucial decision?"
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    Hey Rachel,.....email me please. I said Rachel.

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    ["Now which head was I using when I made that crucial decision?"[/QUOTE]

    Do you really have to ask that question? You know it already.

    On a different note I'm sorry your not happy. BUT, did you learn something? LOL. I'm just giving you a hard time.

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    its not that sam is a bad person, even though she dissed the entire teaching profession, its that she seemed like the type who under normal circumstances wouldn't give adam the time of day....he's rich and he was on tv....does she really seem like the type who would love to strike up a conversation with him at a bar??? her and stephanie would laugh if a guy like that tried to get thier attention...unless they were at the country club....rachel on the other hand....i think would be interested in adam....i really don't think she thought about his wealth at all

    the fact that sam would be proud to work at barneys even though she went to college just seems like she just likes to be "high soceity" most of my friends who went to college are embarrased to work in retail...even at barney's....its not like the get paid anything....my friends who worked in retail stores like that had to spend all of their paycheck on buying the clothes to wear to work!

    i agree with krom about the whole sex theory as to why he chose her......sam is the person you take hot vacations with....and there is nothing wrong with that....but adam kept saying how he wanted substance....its like why say these things the whole time if u truly do not mean it...i mean even larissa/melana didn't say things that like....that's what makes him a total hypocrite and not M/L in my eyes

    i think this is different than what happened with meredith/ian/matthew because i blieve both guys cared very deeply for her...she went with her heart.....sam, i think cares about sam like adam's mom said.....when something better comes along....she will grab it and leave adam in the dust

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    Quote Originally Posted by girllostname
    Editing can do a lot,but if you don't say or do the things they use they can't make it up.
    I couldn't get over how Sam kept saying "Yeah, it will be cool to HANG OUT". Huh? That should have clued Adam in. I don't blame him for picking Sam, and I really think he is just confused. Not sure of what he wants. Too bad because Sam will smash his heart, after she sees a few diamonds, and he will be right back where he started.

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    I think Adam chose the lesser of two evils in his mind Samantha. When his parents started singing Rachel's praise, he said he felt 'clustraphobic in his own house' and he looked scared s__tless of the picture everyone was painting of him and Rachel. He may have come into the show looking for a committment. I do not think he is ready for the reality of it and he realised it before he made the mistake of choosing Rachel and making her and himself miserable. So he mad the easy choice the woman he is attracted to that he does not have to invest to much in at that point in the relationship

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