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Thread: Adam's Final 2 *****Spoiler*****

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    Quote Originally Posted by Curly_Hair
    I could be wrong, but I keeping thinking about something I read.
    Adam said that the one he picked wasn't and early favorite.
    That makes me think, it will not be Rachel or Amy.
    Those were the two ladies he picked for his first two alone dates.
    Which leaves, Sam and Christine.
    I'm just thinking out loud.
    I wish NBC could have made this last longer.
    I don't feel like we got to know the girls hardly at all.
    You forgot Stephanie. Don't worry- I forgot all about her too.

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    beaker, care to pass out that wsite info for Rachel?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sneekypete
    beaker, care to pass out that wsite info for Rachel?

    There's a link to the news article that says she was fired, and also a link to her new forum. (Which looks JUST LIKE Adam's forum, linked at www.adammesh.com, btw.)

    It was hell trying to post today, FORT is really busy right now. (Why, it's just like a denial of service attack!)

    I'd also like to add that Rachel removed the link to Adam's site from her own. Good for her! It was just to trick us, I guess, but my original suspicion looks likely - she lost, and now hosts a website for her fans in an attempt to find a decent replacement for Adam.

    Which won't be very difficult, or shouldn't be, anyway. I really liked her. Many others seem to as well.

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    The carriage was in California, so I guess the spoiler was wrong in essence.

    But it still knew that Sam was one of the final 2.

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