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Thread: Adam Returns Recap – 03/29 - Smooth As Chunky Peanut Butter

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    "If you missed the episode, Adam did this weird jump/dance hybrid that really is too bizarre to explain. It was very, very funny..."

    So was your recap! I loved the part about Jennifer L:"Let’s hope you’ll get the chance to feel special like the other 5".

    I'm still hoping Rachel will win (she looks like the girlfriend type and seems thoughtful and nurturing) or Amy. I do not like Samantha at all. She seems quite catty and manipulative. And Christine has quite an edge to her personality.

    It will be interesting to see what the so-called conflict is between Adam and his parents. Hopefully, it won't fall as flat as the advertised "confrontation of Adam by the girls" for making out with all of them. Not sure Adam is ready to settle down...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Miss Filangi
    Yeah, me neither.

    Apparently the show that wants to be The Bachelor now wants to be Survivor. Since this is the show without a host, I guess that makes Adam, Jeff Probst. I’m sure CBS is shaking in their boots.

    Boys and girls, the word for today is N A I V E.

    Well, the way Adam is strategically placing a couch pillow on his lap, for starters.

    Tracilee gets a frozen look on her face, realizing that she’s not the first lucky lady to have Bob Adam shove his tongue down her throat.

    Oddly enough, we don’t see any confessionals from the other girls admitting their jealousy or even validating this so-called connection that she and Adam have.

    You remember, where Tariq had his meltdown and Adam looked safe and mentally stable by comparison?

    You know, it’s not bad enough that Brian had to lose, but he gets to watch himself be rejected with a bunch of strange girls he’s never met.

    So Jenn’s higher standard is a guy that dates 9 other girls and makes out with all of them? I’d hate to see what she dated before.
    Awesome recap Miss F! I loved the title! That was my favorite part!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Miss Filangi
    As Adam winds up for the winning putt, Zach drives Adam’s golf cart into the pond, via remote control. If you missed the episode, Adam did this weird jump/dance hybrid that really is too bizarre to explain. It was very, very funny...
    Consciously or unconsciously, Adam jumped/danced just like a cartoon character.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Miss Filangi
    The Adam saliva free girls

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    Great recap Miss Filangi.

    This compressed series of 4 episodes is too short. With a few exceptions, I can't tell if the girls are really into Adam or they just want to be on TV. Jenn L, as nice as she is, seemed equally excited about being near Brian.

    Rachel appears to have a good head on her shoulders and I hope Adam picks her in the end.

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    great recap, i thought it was funny that the girls got to see that adam is just like any other guy. he'll makeout with anyone as long as he thinks that no one is seeing it

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    A friend

    Samanthas a sweet heart

    I enjoyed all of your comments. but I have one of my own, maybe if we all knew samantha we'd realize how genuine and sweet she is. Believe me money is not her motive...

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