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Thread: Some Advice for Brian Worth

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    Some Advice for Brian Worth

    Brian, you da man--your conduct last night during what had to be fresh humilation on top of your loss to Gil-bo was the standard for classy. I really like and respect you a great deal. I want to continue to think well of you. So whatever you do, DO NOT accept any deal from the producers of AJ to give you your own spin-off show called 'Brian Returns'.

    Don't do it, man. No matter how much money they offer you. You have a good solid government job & don't seem the type to have your head turned by potential money and celebrity. Stay the way you are. Just say NO if they come callin'--all they want is to wring more money outta you at the expense of your own reputation.

    When you're the runner-up, as you, & Adam were, or Trista & Bob from the Bachelor, you've got the nation's sympathy & good wishes, 'cause Americans love the underdog. The minute you go from sympathetic underdog to 'Top S----' in the Driver's Seat with a show dedicated to you, it's a whole 'nother story. People's perceptions of you change when you're the one doing the choosing & the booting--you go from 'Sympathetic' to 'Shallow' in the blink of an eye. Maybe you haven't really changed on the inside, but it's all about the role you're playing. It's better to be the 'loser' that everyone likes than a so-called 'winner' that no one can stand. All these people have proved it.

    We love you, Brian! Don't turn into a 'Bob', whatever you do.

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    I was afraid Brian showing up was foreshadowing of his returning. I hope not for the well put above mentioned reasons.

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    Average Joe, Brian returns would probably not be a good decision for Brian. Brian, with his new celebrity status can probably pick and choice from a lot of decent candidates. Most relationships in reality TV land don't last, and Brian seems more of a settle down guy, than a get to know you tonight type. It seems the drama of the tv show really detracts from getting to know a person.

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    April is Autism awareness month!! I have 6 year old faternal twins with Autism. they are wonderful little guys. It's not misbehaving....it's a disablity.

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    Brian, it seems fan-fave Jen L had a bit of a crush on you...

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