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Thread: Finalists

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    I think Samantha and Christine have a good chance as far as this week goes of being the final two. On the interviews I saw with him before the show started he said the one he picked was not an early favourite. He said he was surprised at how she grew on him as the show progressed. He also said that usually he decides right away whether he likes a girl or not and in this case, as he got to know her better, he found himself liking her more and more. So we'll have to watch for this progression.

    I wonder what the twist with his parents not liking one of the girls is all about? Is that supposed to be real or is it staged to get him all messed up? Why would they present it as a "twist" if its for real?
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    I also think it is going to be between Samantha and Rachael. I think he belongs more with Rachael, and I also believe that is who is parents are going to choose. My third choice would be for Amy. I was kind of tied on Amy and Samantha for final two women.

    I don't think he will choose the Gamer girl because I don't think Adam will be able to keep up with her.

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    Ditto on Rachel and Samantha-with Rachel to win. Although his date with Samantha proved to be quite spirited and she took it all in stride, he seemed to click better with Rachel.

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    Go Samantha! Amy's my 2nd choice.

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    Too close to call at this point in my opinion except for Stephanie. I think she is a very cute girl but she hasnt had the alone time with Adam the other girls have. Besides that I think its very much up in the air. I would pick Amy or Rachel if I was him.

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    Christine reminds me of Nicole Kidman...crossed with Tawnya Harding. She looks pretty in some shots and scary as Hell in others.

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    Not a fan of reality dating show, but this one has been wierd and interesting in a comical way. I can't believe I watched this series.

    Anyway, I believe the two finalist will be Christine Morell and Amy Worth. On the promo for next 2 hour show, I noticed a blonde girl sitting next the mother when she was gushing over losing Adam. This hair looked like Christine's hair. If this girl is supposed to be the "substance" girl, the "beauty" has the be Amy Worth.

    Off topic, the funniest moment of the show was when Adam did a funky feakout dance when the golf cart went into the water. I fell out of my chair when that happened. Man, this guy seems goofier every time I see him.

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    I read an article at Sirlinksalot.net and it says that one of the final gals is Jewish and that one is not.
    Does anyone know which gals are Jewish?
    This would maybe help us to figure out which two will be the finale two.
    I hope that made sense.

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    Quote Originally Posted by smartycat
    I think it is going to be a Samantha vs Rachel finale as well. His parents are upset about a girl who is all flash and no substance and I think that best describes Samantha out of the girls that are left. And the only one I see as being a parent favorite and "taking care of Adam" is Rachel. I think Samantha will win because in the end they all chose based on what their pants are telling them and not the person with the most substance.
    It'll probably be something like difference in religion, or perceived difference in religion. That's how most parents think. But if Adam has any balls , he'd vote with his pants! And give his folks the "Simon" sign.

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    Anemic Dog

    Addams Family

    I checked the preview, and the person around the table with the family was brunette, and looks a lot like Adam. Must be a sister.
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