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Thread: Show 3/29 Spoilers til 2am ****

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    Quote Originally Posted by BamaFabulous
    Don't forget the scream and the little dance he did when the golf cart sank.

    Funniest thing I have EVER seen a guy do. Right there on national television.

    I couldn't agree more!! His reaction was hilarious. I wish I could see it again. That made the whole episode worth watching. It was the best part of the entire show as far as I am concerned. I am not so sure even Ben Stiller could have done it as well!!!
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    i thought the whole golf cart going into the pond part was stupid....zach's return was stupid too.....i would thought they could have come up with something better-this was as stupid as jason in drag :rolleyes

    ok obvioulsy adam had picked out who he wanted to get to know better....ala making sure sam won....nothing really wrong with it.....but i think its interesting how the five remaning women left are really not what i would call plain janes....maybe rachel....but i think she's supercute....that to me is really attractive...but sam/amy etc are above average i think

    no way tracilee is 24-she's gotta be 30 at least lol---let this be a lesson-do NOT fake tan-you will end up looking 15 years older than what you are....tracilee reminds me of a jersey girl or something....those nails???? no offense to jersey girls....just making a joke...she just seems like your sterotypical woman who tans/has bad hair/nails lol

    ok i'm convinced sam will be in the final 2-did u see that make-out session??? Melana never kissed adam like that-that's how i knew he would never win.....i'm betting she wins.....though i think she's probably the one mom/dad don't like.....i think rachel has a good chance of going to the final two also...and she's really the only one who seems like the parental units think we "take care" of adam.....sam to me seems as though if something better came along....she dump adam in a heartbeat.....she's very attractive....and i don't think they are in the same league

    boys the nevers stop on this show lol....next week is gonna be really hard for the girls i think

    edit: totally forgot, i'm so glad jenn A is gone! she was the definition of fake, also, i can't believe how shocked the girls were when brian was dumped by larissa....its like hello???? did u not watch the first show??? don't u know the beauty always picks the hunk...plus the fact that he came over in the first place....that's usually a sign that they are the loser lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by Maveno
    I find Samantha as the most attractive...so I guess guys, goobers and 1 woman find her attractive.

    Jackrabbits are huge, and not alot of people actually see them in real life. So to see a huge "thing" hopping around it's easy to NOT assume it's a rabbit.

    /defender of Samantha
    I think Samantha is attractive--in fact, I think that all of the remaining women are attractive and that the least attractive by far is Adam.

    Re:Jackrabbits--maybe it's something about golf courses, but I was working near a golf course in St. Andrews New Brunswick, and there were a lot of them there too. (Although the others there told me that they were hares--I don't know the difference.) Sort of a cross between a cute little rabbit and a big, mean, sinewy rabbit.

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    Who's he pick???

    Does anybody have any spoilers of whom he takes home to meet the parents. I'm pretty sure one will be Sam. Who is the other, I want him to choose Amy W. She's my favorite since the beginning. SPOILERS PLEASE!!!

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