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Thread: Future Average Joes

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    Quote Originally Posted by famita
    Why not get the Average Joes and Adam's leftovers and do a reunion show. Maybe for a 3 or 4 week showing and have them do those 5 minute dates and see if any of them like each other, so then each choses 5 of the opposite sex to date and the chosen ones get to say yes or no. And the gushiest couple wins.

    Oohh, that's a COOL idea but I'd modify it somewhat...I'd wait to implement this plan until after a couple of Plain Jane series have aired. Then there'd be an equal number of Average Joes and Plain Janes. Send them on a buttload of group dates and normal one-on-one dates (not extravagant), and air what develops, if anything.

    We are a voyeuristic society--we love to see the private development of love--and it's somewhat elusive since all these contestants know they're being filmed and they can change their actions accordingly. Doing this kind of Plain Jane/Average Joe mix WON'T change the lack-of-privacy issue, but it would make a more NORMAL dating environment, which in turn could elicit more realistic behavior from these candidates.

    The final truth of the matter is that NO ONE knows the recipe for love. We can fake it (at least for the duration of a series and up to a year later) by making superb physical appearance one of the ingredients. But take away the looks, and all we really have to inspire love is what's underneath. And the truth of the matter is that most of what's "underneath" is not all that love-inspiring.

    The Average Joe series has been an excellent intro into what causes love. But it's by no means the final say. I would be highly interested in seeing a show put together by eHarmoney.com or some other personality-matching organization...TO SEE IF THERE TRULY IS A WAY TO INCREASE ONE'S CHANCE OF FINDING LOVE.

    I feel that both the Bachelor(& ette) series' and the Average Joe series' have proven beyond a doubt that humans do NOT yet know the recipe for love, and that physical appearance is an unreliable indicator. (Of course we all know that, but yet we can't fight the physical lure within us. Why is that?)

    (As a side note, these shows have fostered a theory that women are better at picking a mate than men--I hope that gets more study in the future.)

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    I hope they don't bring Jenn L. or Brian W. back on a show. I liked both of them and I think they should just find someone on their own. Maybe they have gotten enough attention from being on Average Joe that they are having plenty of people to chose from. I don't want to watch them like we did Adam and realize that I didn't really like them after all, just like I feel about Adam. They need to come up with a different game plan so there will be something original about the new shows. I hope Jenn L. doesn't go on Extreme Makeover and then do an AJ program like some people have suggested. I thought she was cute the way she was. I hope she doesn't try to change just to conform to societies ideals of beauty. Sometimes just a simple change like Brian's hair update makes a huge difference. I hope she tries something like that first rather than having major surgery. Adam was a jerk for stealing Jenn L.'s date and making Samantha win. I know he wanted an alone date with Sam, but I bet that made Jenn L. feel terrible. Here's what I think about Adam's behavior.
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