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Thread: Jason in a Dress

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    Quote Originally Posted by 13 times
    WOW.... I was just going to post that! It's actually scary how much they look alike... see attachment.
    He might have the same plastic surgeon as Michael Jackson...wasn't Jason from Irvine, CA? That's kind of close to where Michael lives...both of them are close to Los Angeles area where the top surgeons are.

    Gee, that would be so disappointing for Jason if he spent good money to look hot and he ended up looking like Michael Jackson.
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    Well, it didn't fool me even for a second.

    The square shoulders, the beard shadow, straight hips and the obvious wig set off all my transvestite alarms at once. But, I was thinking, did his buddies put a switch hitter in there just to mess with him? THAT would be funny.

    After a few seconds of this, I realized who it was.

    Then I went, ooooh, that was just creepy and probably very uncomfortable for all involved.


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