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Thread: 3/22 Show Discussion **Spoilers until 2am**

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    Quote Originally Posted by overthetop
    A couple of the women were a bit overweight--not obese like almost half the guys on the two previous average joes--maybe 20 pounds overweight. Jennifer and Rebecca. They were cut in the first show.

    There's a couple of chunky girls left on the show...Jen "bug-eyes' for one.Also, I don't think Rebescca would have lasted even if she were thinner. For some reason, I got this vibe from her looks and personality that made her seem way older than she actually is...a feeling like you get from being around your friend's aunt or mother. (Don't ask me why, please, cause I really cant say!)
    Jen is not an obese though and unlike the 300lb+ guys. That is what I call obese.

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    Adam Not Really That Nice

    I don't think Adam is really not all that nice for a number of reasons.
    1) He voted the bikini girls off because he was intimidated by them -- not because he felt sorry for the other girls. Besides he is lucky enough to get his own reality tv show and has the nerve to go and try the producers what to do with it. He deserves whatever revenge tricks they play on him.
    2) He along with Zach said not nice things about Melana in the fat suit on the first show.
    3) He is pretending to be wealthy -- what his company actually does seems somewhat unclear. Also just because he trades a large volume of money does not mean he has any -- it could be client's dollars he is trading.
    4) He seemed alarmed that Elizabeth Wood was an attorney and voted her off right away. Why would this bother him?
    5) 4 is enough reasons for now.

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    I like that Adam sent the "bikini babes" packing. It showed the kind of man he is and that is a good thing.
    He who laughs last thinks slowest

    #oldmanbeatdown - Donny BB16

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    I think that they should have shown us less of Tracilee crying for various reasons and spent some time talking to some of the other girls that seem to have been left out. Stephanie, Courtney and Samantha are all attractive girls and have hardly been on camera at all. On the first episode they portrayed Heather as the type that wouldn't play mudball or go snowboarding because she might muss her hair or break a nail. She didn't appear that way at all on episode 2. She was right in there with the other girls having fun.

    We saw more of Jen L. this time and even got to know her personality a little bit and that made a lot of us like her. Maybe if we could see more of the girls that seem to be always in the background we might become fans of theirs too. The budget must have been very low this time around. Playing mudball, snowboarding and teasing a baby cow just doesn't measure up to the dates from the past AJ's. I love the special dates with Adam. You get to sit and talk to him for 15 minutes and make-out in the hot-tub for 45.
    That just doesn't seem like an ideal dream date to me.

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    Brian Worth in the previews?

    I watched my tape again last night, and as I always do, I watched the preview for next week in slow motion. (Where is Jen L. making her "L" sign when you need her ). When the girls are all sitting around watching the finale of average Joe 2 and then see the preview of their show, there is a guy sitting on the couch with them that looks a lot like Brian Worth. Oh I hope it is. I just love Brian and hope the girls fawn all over him when he loses out to Fabiophobic Gil. Go Brian, I've missed you!

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    This show is lame. Jennifer L. is still desparate and needy (the bracelet thing just made me hate her more) and my dislike for her has nothing to do with her looks. BTW, she says she can get dates, but has never had a boyfriend, maybe she should examine her personality for the problem and stop blaming it on her nose or her curves....

    Adam, well, he's not even very likable in this show. While I understand the concept for these dating shows, I'm annoyed that it seems to always be a makeout session... . Okay, prudish rant is over...

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