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Thread: Average Janes and the bikini models??

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    First of all this show isnt suppossed to be Average Jane so I am not sure why Adam has to catch flak for the women being more attractive on average then the Joe's from the other shows were. That being said, I think some of you guys are exaggerating quite a bit about the attractiveness of these girls. There are three fairly unattractive women(at least in the looks department) Rochelle Finklestein, Jennifer L, and Summer and a bunch of what I would call pretty average looking young women. There are some very cute girls here but this is hardly a group of models when taken as a whole in my opinion. Better then the Joe's from the early shows?(again meaningless as this is not Average Jane) Yes. Some better looking then Adam? Yeah. A group of lingerie models that Adam would have to beg to date in real life? I dont think so.
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    I wonder what happened to his "Great Girlfriend" Adam spoke of at the end of Average Joe 1. I hope he didn't discard her for the opportunity to be on TV again.

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    ill postino
    a few of the women are attractive, but there is a huge difference between real life attractive and television attractive.

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    I know the show is not called Average Jane. But I guess this is the implication when they have to bring in Bikini models now.They are now comparing the first group with the Average Joe's and the models with the hunks.

    First off, larrissa and Melana were really given a group of below average and so so guys to choose from with the first group. At least Adam was given average Janes and a few above average girls to choose from in his original group. That may be much more realistic.But Larrissa and Mel did not even have that choice.

    The girls were set up by having very little attractive choices with the first group. Sure, I agree Adam can date hot girls now. But Larrissa and Melana have been hit on probably everyday of their lives by good looking men. Many probably successful with good personalities. Yet, we get angry when they do not choose an average guy . At least Adam has 2-3 really pretty girls with nice bodies to choose from in the first group.

    I found none of the average Joe's in either show particularly attractive. I also found some to be shallow and in deep denial. The turn-off was not that they were average or far below average. But the fact they could not even try to look a bit better physically.

    Yet, they gushed at how pretty the girls are and what type of bodies and women they are attracted to.. Some of the guys could have simply gone to a dermatologist or a dentist to look halfway decent. But why should they make any effort at all? Women are not supposed to care how they look. Otherwise, they think her shallow. Hypocrites!

    Society really puts so much pressure on women to suppress their true natural attractions. Yet, we make excuses when old men, fat men, ugly men drool at beautiful women and will not date average ones. We say it is because they are men and more looks concious.
    I guess now we know why so many couples have sexual issues where the wife is not interested in sex. If a woman is supposed to suppress her sexuality not take into account her sexual attraction to a partner, just take the "nice guy" no matter what he look like, I guess she will not be so thrilled to have sex with him either. So she is blamed for being fridgid and again society feels sorry for him no matter how little he tries or how bad he looks.

    When the shoe is on the other foot,and the man is no longer attracted to his wife because she gained weight or something. Society blames her for not keeping herself in shape.

    Quote Originally Posted by ill postino
    a few of the women are attractive, but there is a huge difference between real life attractive and television attractive.

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    Class act...

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    yeah i agree-none of the ladies that adam got i would say are below average-not evne jen l-jen l is very average like text book average, heather/anna/courtney/amy are a little above average-actually i would say porn star heather is the most above average than the rest of them

    but the guys of average joe were not except mike/zach

    it was funny...my friend who lives in australia just saw the preview for average joe 2-of couse i told him to watch it-but the first thing he says to me in his aussie talk is-"these guys are not average-they are below average" lmao!

    and of course he was dying to know who the hell david daskal was

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    To my eye, the "Joes" of both editions ranged from way below average to average--with MOST falling below (Adam himself--due to his inability to shave, the way he smiles--and that CAN be changed--and his mumbling was probably still not at the bottom, but wasn't at the top either). Whereas virtually ALL of the women on this edition fall right about at average, with a few slightly above and a few slightly below. And Jen L. and CarrotTop in their own category--probably at the same level as the majority of the Joes from the first editions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by marimekko
    Njdasha what do you mean that Adam didn't fix himself up? He told that he waxed his back so we know he is ready for the hot tub scenes.

    I don't buy for one minute that most of the girls in the first group are somehow a second choice or worse choice than the so called hotties.
    I now know why the 300 lb men has to choose the hotties though. Had it been the hunks there may not be any hotties to choose from by the time the bus got to California.
    Oh I'm dying here! waxed his back??? and he didn't shave hmmmmm sounds suspicious but seriously, i agree about the hotties, that seems more like a rotten trick to bring the bikini models than the act of friends...

    Glad he gave them the heave-ho post haste!
    Adam just might find the love of his life yet....

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