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Thread: Average Joe Recap 03/15 - Adam Returns: Without a Vengence

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    I agree AmandaG, I wish I would've watched to see Jason in a dress

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    Quote Originally Posted by Miss Filangi
    Once upon a time, there was a cute, blonde woman searching for love on a TV show. Among the men sent to win her heart was a loveable average guy with a great sense of humour who became a huge hit with the audience. He didnít get the girl in the end, but the producers liked him enough to offer him his own show and a chance at true love.

    That show, my friends, was The Bachelor 4 Ė Bob Guiney.

    We see footage from that one day when Adam went on that one jog, that one time.

    This time, he gets to see the bedroom where he finds a signed pair of boxing gloves from Sylvester Stallone. Or perhaps they were signed by a key grip or someone.

    Who would be best suited to study all those videos? The producers seemed to think this was the task for a 35 year old virgin.

    If we were to have been treated to a full body shot, and Iím not suggesting thatís a good thing, Iím sure there would be pit stains a mile long.

    The women all get a chance to go into the photo booth with Adam and it becomes painfully obvious how freakishly huge his head is. A good time was had by all.

    Heís already tormented and spends his private time alone in his room fretting instead of shaving, which he could have used. Baby steps, I suppose, they at least got him to put a suit on.

    Join me next week when Adam starts to morph into Bob as he begins his tonsil hockey across America tour.
    Awesomely hilarious recap, Miss F! I like the way you set up that first joke. I didn't see it coming, and hence...it was hilarious!! (I.e. the Bob Guiney joke. ) Baby steps!

    Great job!! I'm looking forward to the next one!
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    This was an absolutely hysterical recount of the show...brilliant work!!

    Y'all have good smileys on this board.

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    The funny thing is Jason might have gotten away with passing as a lady on a dark bus if he had shaved his legs......and he did walk better in heels than a few of the ladies...I think he practiced....

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