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Thread: What hypocrites!

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    I couldn't agree with you more!

    Sheesh! what a travesty, hypocritical and totally retarded. Heard a rumor that Melina was to make an appearance on Adams show. All I can say is if she does, I hope she gets the big boot post haste!

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    What hypocrites

    I don't disagree with anything that's been said. But there was something else that stuck in my craw. When you think back to Average Joe 1 with what's her name (I can't remember anything except she was annoying), the hunky guys showed up after all the Average Joes were already lined up - at which point, they all looked deflated and the girl had the appearance of a kid in a candy store. In this show, the glamor girls showed up before the regular contestants were assembled, giving Adam a chance to show them the door - which was very sweet of him. However, I just wonder how this would have played out had the swimsuit models had been paraded in front of the original girls subjecting them to the same kind of morale deflating humiliation?? Any thoughts?

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    I'd like to see a twist of the show, where some rich single guy is offered a slate of ravishingly beautiful bikini babes - all of them catty, shallow gold-digging bimbos. Then the twist is, a busload of merely cute girls arrive after an episode or two, that are, however, loyal, caring, sweet, honest, authentic, and intelligent.

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