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Thread: Is This Average Jane?

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    Subliminal One
    Quote Originally Posted by snickers

    adam has a much better deal-they were right when they said he can't lose in the previews
    Two words: Jennifer Lifshitz.

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    Didn't you read, a bus full of the hot girls will come later =) But, although my my opinion, some of these girls are FUGLY? What is fugly? Well it is F***ing ugly! =) Especially stalker girl in the pink, HUGE EYES OR WHAT? 10 bucks half of these girls are just so entrapped within the whole tv thing that they convince themselves their in love. got to love tv.
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    i agree-i think they are more in love with the fact that they are meeting a rich/somewhat famous guy-i mean if the circumstances were different and adam was a nobody like he was on AJ1, i think about half of those woman would not be there, and if he wasn't rich the other would not be either lol

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    Okay so Jennifer L. is yucky! But I thought a couple of the women seem very nice. I really liked Rachel. She looks like someones girlfriend! She would fit well with Adam.

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    I think many of the girls on this show are the TRUE definition of Average. Almost all of the Average JOES were really way under average (no offense). But many of these girls are actually just average looking. There are a few pretty ones.

    So even if Adam ends up picking one of these girls (over one of the up-coming bikini models) it doesn't mean he's any less shallow than Melana and Larissa because he had a fairly decent group of girls to choose from. (Some very pretty, some nice looking, some average, 1 or 2 not so good looking).

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    That's what I thought the first time i saw the girls. They shoud have retitled the show, Average Jane. They must have just picked them up from the streets. There were a couple of good ones but that's not saying much considering the choices Adam is given. If i look at it from Adam's standpoint, I will try to sift out the ones who were there just to have their 15 minutes of fame with the other intention of hooking a millionaire. Giving all the girls the benefit of the doubt, of course Adam will retain the hottest ones in the group knowing that they are attracted to him and want to do him.

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    imo, some of these women are beat but isn't this the point of the show? jenn lifshitz = DUFF, what a great name.

    i actually think some of them are pretty.... brittney, samantha, heather (is that a wig or what?), anna.

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    I think they did a good job picking the girls. Taken as a whole(obviously some are below average and a few quite attractive) these are the type of woman most average guys end up with and are pretty happy with. So in a way, not counting the hotties coming in later, it is Average Jane.

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