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Thread: Tracilee Benardello, Long Island, NY

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    How do any of us really know how we are suppose to look when we reach a certain age? I think she has spent too much time in the sun with no protection and her skin has turned to leather. Some people just look older or younger than we think they should look at that certain age. I agree with overthetop check out the year book already!!!

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    she did come off unpleasant last night. i think Adam made the right choices last night.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mulvajo
    i'm gonna guess, 42, as i'm 37 and I look better then her! (I keep saying that don't I)lol
    She may have shaved a year or two off her age, but she probably IS in her mid-20s. As Indy Jones once said 'It ain't the years--it's the mileage.'

    To wit:

    She works in a bar. Late hours, sucking in second-hand smoke, and probably 2 packs a day herself. Heavy drinking is hard on the liver. Nail salon fumes, tanning beds . . .plus heavy makeup in all the wrong colors and hair dye that's too harsh . . .all these things will age a person well beyond her years.

    If she looks 40 now, I can only imagine what she'll look like when she IS 40.

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    [QUOTE=mbcrowder]This girl was just nasty to everyone else. No need to be so standoffish and bitchy to everyone. First she tells everyone "If you're going to talk bad about me, say it to my face." (I have no problem with this, except for the aggressiveness with which she delivered this line). Then she tells Samantha, "I don't want to hear what you have to say about me." Well F you. I'm happy you're gone.[/QUO :

    :rolleyes Doesn't anyone realize that these shows are everything but reality! That make you see what that want you to see. Your opinions of people are minupulated by the editing and producers of the show. To all of you its ok to be naive but i don't buy it. After the drawn bedroom scene between the girls did anyone notice every girl that was standing next to Tracilee at the elimination was holding her hand. If you follow most reality shows you'll agree every show has a b!tch. Look how Zach aj1 and Micheal in aj2 was portrayed....

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    Yes, yes... we all realize that.

    But they can't put on TV something that you don't say. Sure, they may have omitted some biatch moments from some of the others that they wanted us to like... but TraciMee still said all those things we saw. Plus all the attitude she had in the private interviews. "I didn't come here to be friends." Obvious, that. And you proved it with your attitude too.

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    I have to agree. She had to have said those things for it to be shown on the show. She came across as a nasty back biter every time she said something. She was so sure she an Adam had a connection, but there didn't seem to be one. I don't think he thought so either or she would be one of the finalist. She was so certain the other girls were jealous of her, of what? They were all attractive girls she didn't have anything over any of them. Tracilee is a pretty girl, but she does need an attitude adjustment. The crying because she was afraid of the baby cow was ridiculous. It was obviously a way to try and get Adam's attention.
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    I didn't say she didn't say those things.Yes she lashes out but some parts are missing. What did the girls do to Tracilee to make her mad? Did anyone notice even though Tracilee was not taken no crap the girls and her were still happy,smiling ,and even holding hands with her.They are not giving you the hole picture. I give her credit for sticking up for herself and keeping her friends.And as for Adam he sent her off but not before telling her this was hard.He said to her "I had so much fun with you and I could see myself dating you" dose that sound like someone so bad?not
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