People are free to post what they wish as long as it falls in the guidelines.
From our FAQ

We do not allow flaming, baiting, or insults of other members of our site. We enforce this rule strictly.
Contestants of a reality show, having voluntarily agreed to appear on our televisions, are open for criticism and praise, and everything in between, assuming it falls within the bounds of the rest of our rules.

You don't have to agree with another member's opinion, but you DO have to respect it, and realize that it IS just an opinion, which may differ greatly from your own.

Along the same lines, comments like "you must be deaf if you don't hear what I hear", "anyone who doesn't agree is an idiot", and so on are not acceptable. Practice the golden rule, and treat others like you would want to be treated.

Our contestant threads are NOT specifically for "only good comments" regarding that contestant. They are for discussion of that contestant, both good and bad. We are not a fan-site for any one contestant, or any one show.
People seem to be getting in repeated trouble in this thread , simply because they haven't bothered to read our FAQ and /or have ignored what they agreed to when they first signed on. Take a deep breath . It's a frickin TV show , and not worth threatening other people and some of the other nonsense that's been going on.

Personally I think that people who dress up dogs like humans should be dropped in a pit with some Rottweilers - But hey that's just me