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Thread: Amy Worth, Long Beach, CA

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    I like her. I think she looked prettiest out of the bunch. She seemed nice as well, but how would I know, right.

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    well i happen too think she was one of the few who was in it for the real thing and not just some vacation and hoping to get a rich man, i felt u last night amy and i know u were FER REAL !!!!! its jus sad, i thought adam wasdown to earth kinda guy and could see past all the fakeeeeeeenesssssssssss. Amy ur absoulty gorgeous and some man out in this world would b lucky too have u.

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    I have to agree Dolphin---she was one of the few. Obviously we didn't see that much of any but the final 2, but this girl is the kind of girl I'd take home to Mom. Just seemed to have her stuff together.

    If anyone out there happens to know her, send her my way!!!

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