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Thread: Brittany Ducker, Louisville, KY

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    Hey. I think I know who you are. I am just trying to verify, because I have not talked to you in forever! I am Brittany's best friend and have been since high school - so I am sure its not hard for you to guess who I am. I can tell by the name who this is I think, but just to double check - did we do Derby with your parents a couple of times in high school? And you used to have fun parties a lot? If so, let me know.

    Quote Originally Posted by sharposu
    Thanks for the update on Brittany. I was pretty good friends with her in highschool, but have lost touch since then. She was an awsome person in high school, and I have no doubt that life has great things in store for her whether Adam is in the picture or not. It was so exciting to watch the show last night. I'm cheering for her and think she is a great role model for young single mothers.

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    Friends of Brittany,

    Please stop!! Why are you giving out all this personal information about this girl. Let it come out on the show if she wants to share it.

    She sounds like a great person, but what are you going to do? Give out her address and phone number next?

    Shouldn't this type of information be given out on a "need to know" basis.

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    Please use our private messaging system for posts that only concern 2 people. No one else needs to waste their time reading this stuff.

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    Brittany seems like a nice person. She's obviously smart, which is a big plus in my book. But I don't like that she had a kid when she still was in high school! And she posed for Playboy! Why did she do that? Did she need money that badly?

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    anyone else sick of brittany's friends? isn't everyone entitled to their own opinions of people, especially ones on a reality tv show? i'm so glad this thread has turned into a "best mother award" and a "high school reunion" forum.

    fyi, i personally think brittany is the best looking one. i hope she wins. GO BRITTANY... and lifshitz!!

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    Luckily, the army of Brittany's friends hasn't turned me on Brittany herself. What she does on TV might do that, of course.

    I think it's fine if her friends talk here, in general ways. I think though the best strategy is for them to turn the other cheek on her behalf when they feel like defending her--especially since several of them were on the attack before anything bad was even said. Wait till the show really starts up folks, I assure you that it's not likely to get better before it gets worse. As for the personal data, I don't personally think I saw anyone go too far, despite the fact that someone above with 1 post obviously created an account just to berate them. As I've opined before, I don't even think her son is off-limits, as long as the talk is GENERAL, not specific.

    Then again, this is all only my opinion.

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    I think this girl is one of the prettier ones and whether or not she has a child doesn't bother me in the least...however, since it has been revealed here by one of "Brittany's friends" that her son is 6 and his favorite show is Fear Factor-that is more of a bother to me than anything else that has been mentioned. Just my opinion.
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    In total agreement on the Fear Factor thing, ineed.

    Anyone else find this statement a bit incongruous?
    Quote Originally Posted by friendofbrittan
    Everything she does and every decision she makes revolves around that little boy. Brittany and her son watch Fear Factor every Monday night...

    Quote Originally Posted by friendofbrittan
    She did the show in order to demonstrate for her son that anything is possible through diligence and hard work.
    Hmmm, posing for Playboy and appearing on a reality dating show require diligence and are considered hard work??? Uh, don't you think earning 2 college degrees proves the diligence and hard work ethic a bit better than exploiting yourself and your family in highly public forums?
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    How on earth did she do this? She had a child as a junior in high school, so let's say she was 17. The boy is now six and Brittany has her Bachelor's and Master's. Thus in six years she finished one year of high school, four years of college, and let's assume two years for a Master's degree, all while working full-time and raising a child??! That's amazing.

    (QUOTE)Brittany is so smart. She had her son young but continued in school, attaining a Bachelor's and Master's degree while working full time hours. Her great example is reflected in her son. He is the smartest most well behaved boy you will ever meet. He loves his mother so much, and I am thrilled that she had the chance to do this. She told me that she cried every night she was there b/c they'd never been away from eachother and she missed him so very much.

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    Lynne I have to agree although possible ....to both raise a kid and complete 6 years of college is hard...she would have minimally needed a whole lot of help from grandparents, daycare and babysitters....

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