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Thread: Brittany Ducker, Louisville, KY

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    I like Brittany

    I'm actually surprised she was allowed to take part in the show when she has a son.
    I heard they do not allow people with children to take part in the Bachelor.
    I think they probably feel it complicates things too much, which I guess it does.

    As I said, I liked Brittany though and if Adam is able to accept her child and she feels confident that her son will not be adversely affected by her being away on the show, then I say good luck to them.

    I do agree with John thoughm if Adam were to cut her because she has a child I would not think any less of him.
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    Quote Originally Posted by friendofbrittan
    I agree with the fact that Brittany having a child is something not to be taken lightly by Adam. However, I know that she's not one of those young mothers who's searching for a father for her son. She always says she wants any boyfriend she would meet to treat her son like any of her friends do. Her son has a father already. She doesn't expect anyone to take on her responsibility. Also, she doesn't really casually date. She'd rather stay home with her son. She didn't go out for almost a year after her son was born. The boyfriend she eventually made she met through college, and they were together until last October or November and are still close friends. She so defys the stereotype people place on young single mothers, and I think she's very worthy of everyone's respect.
    Don't assume that I stereotype single mothers. There's absolutely no need for you to go on and on and on about her being the Mother Theresa to her son, we understand that! Her son isn't on the show, SHE is.. our likes and dislikes are being formed off of what we see on the television.
    We wouldn't of even KNOWN that she has a son if it wasn't for you or whomever coming online and feeling that her having a son is a determining factor for this show.
    Also..she can say (til she turns blue) that she isn't looking for a father figure. Good for her, she's acknowledging that the boy has a father already. But lemme say this...to have a successful, happy, healthy and wholesome longterm relationship with someone, that someone HAS TO HAVE A POSITIVE "role model", "daddy-like" behavior in the relationship/home. Or it won't work.
    He won't be DADDY..but he'll have to take up the responsibilities that daddy isn't doing cause daddy is absent, regardless of what she wants to see happen.
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    There's the caveat, "Blood is thicker than water." It would be tough for Adam to find his place in the family where the kid came before he did.

    Think a year or two down the road: "How DARE you put Tommy (or whatever) in time out! He's MY son and I will decide how he's disciplined." etc etc. She being the natural mother will always have a trump card in the relationship, which places things on an unbalanced footing.


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    thanks for the update!

    Thanks for the update on Brittany. I was pretty good friends with her in highschool, but have lost touch since then. She was an awsome person in high school, and I have no doubt that life has great things in store for her whether Adam is in the picture or not. It was so exciting to watch the show last night. I'm cheering for her and think she is a great role model for young single mothers.

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    Still got my vote

    Even though the rest of the family are die hard Wildcat fans and can't stand UofL folk. But I doubt Adma picks her or she picks him because he ain't gonna live along the Waterson Expressway.

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    From the official site:

    It doesn't list her age or occupation.

    "From the first show, he just seemed sweet and funny. Like a good guy to get to know."

    What made you want to be on the show and meet Adam?

    From the first show, he just seemed sweet and funny. Like a good guy to get to know.

    How would your best friend describe you to a guy?

    Fun, likes to have a good time. A good person too.

    What was your worst dating experience?
    Click here to view Brittany's response!

    I once went on a date with someone and we like literally sat in silence for the entire date. I would try to initiate conversation and everything, but he was just a dud. I don't mean it mean, but I think he said maybe ten words the entire date. We never went out again after that.

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    about Britt's job and age

    Quote Originally Posted by 13 times
    From the official site:

    It doesn't list her age or occupation.

    "From the first show, he just seemed sweet and funny. Like a good guy to get to know."
    The fact that her occupation and age aren't listed must just be an oversight by whoever entered the site's data. She's 23. She recently graduated with her Master's Degree and plans on pursuing a career in Journalism. In the meantime she is a freelance writer and substitute teacher who models as well.
    Really nice girl.

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    Quote Originally Posted by averageToe
    There are lots of us that know Brittany personally, you don't see us slamming her for 2 seconds of name dropping fame. It kills me that people sitting on a couch watching taped and edited video feel empowered to criticise at a keyboard.
    Seeing as how the comments about her here have been pretty complimentary (even before the episode aired most of the comments spoke about her looking very natural, not having the horrible dress sense of many of the other women, etc.), I don't think there's profit in antagonizing people here. Heck, even my snarky personage limited it to a snark about her slightly beauty pageantish look in that posed photo, and a post-show comment on how she didn't make much of an impact on me in the first episode--and I'm flat out mean. There was no basis for being mean or snarky yet, but if it comes on screen don't expect it won't be reflected here.

    When we get into the actual show--when catfights start and huge mis-editing possibilities open up--that might be another case. It might be good to hear from someone who knows her that it seems like something Brittany's said has been shifted or cut or taken out of context. But the snark will still happen first, I can assure you.

    As for the "son" thing... this is exactly the kind of fodder these shows love. I'll bet SEVERAL of the women have kids, so their chance of being able to pull a "secret" out near the end of the show is increased.
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    It never fails! There are people who are so interested in associating themselves with someone who has even a small measure of fame that they are willing to say just about anything. It is pathetic.

    Please remember the child involved. It is extremely inappropriate to mention his name or to even discuss him. He may, in the future, see what you have written in regard to him and his family. Since some damage has already been done...

    To be clear: his father is now and has always been extremely involved in his life. He was at no time abandoned by his father. His father loves and supports him. Unfortunately, Brittany and the father were very young when they had a child. Like most high school relationships, it was not meant to last. These very young people made a decision to raise their child to the best of their ability making sacrifices throughout. They are both excellent parents who should be commended. The result is a child who is loved and who loves both his parents dearly and would be disgusted to hear them denigrated.

    If you have any sense of decency you will refrain from discussing the child further and focus on the person who has opened herself up for comment and/or criticism. After all she is an adult.

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    Whoa. Back the truck up. The only mention of a name I'VE seen was what was posed as a jokey fake name by Xyzzy. Unless I missed what you are freaking out about.

    And I don't see the problem with discussing a child anonymously, and IN THE ABSTRACT. Nobody here is interested in giving out instructions to his school or their telephone number or anything like that. I imagine the mods here would wipe that crap the moment it appeared, trace the IP address, and report it to the FBI or something. This is just "this person has a child, it might matter".

    Frankly I do find it a bit weird that like... 100 or so friends or former friends of her could all find this site almost simulataneously (okay, maybe 6 or 7, but still...). Am I the only one? Bueller? It's like you all know her, but none of you know each other.

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