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Thread: Brittany Ducker, Louisville, KY

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    Crystal Allen
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    What's even more annoying is....

    Posters that think that Adam should have been extra super thrilled at the prospect of Brittany's having a kid. Most guys wouldn't be. I can't abide those self righteous types that think that single moms are the ultimate Madonna types worthy of admiration and fealty. There's no good OR bad morality attached to being a single mom, it's just what she is. Without knowing her, we can't confer any sort of qualities on to her.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chompstick
    Give it time, onaroll. We'll be back. After all, you posted this at 4 something in morning. How many posts did you expect to see made between 2am and 4am EST? I certainly wouldn't take that as a sign that the "forum vultures" are retreating with their tails between their legs.

    Among everything else, you'll never convince me that a mom who lets her 6 year old son watch Fear Factor, to the point that it's his favorite show, makes wise decisions.

    to your post, Anemic Dog.

    i'm one of the forum vultures and glad to be back.

    i think brittany is hot and wished she would have stayed. i'm sure she didn't have much time to get to know adam with the group dates and all. i'm don't blame adam for eliminating her though. i would have done the same. what do you expect when you reveal to a guy you barely know that you have a 6 year old kid an hour before elimination? i'm sure she would still be around if adam didn't ask her who she lived with.

    just my two cents. adam is still a dork and brittany is hot. good luck to them both.

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    Is it just me or has Brittany turned into the *Bill* of this show (from AJ2, let's not forget the insanity that he inspired)? :rolleyes

    She made absolutely no impression during her camera time. Yeah, yeah, maybe she is fabulously intelligent, has a body good enough for Playboy, and is an exemplary single parent, whatever. Adam obviously wasn't interested in her looks, her resume (which I noticed she managed to work into her exit speech) or her kid, which is his perogative. I would've picked Jenn L. over her too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AndoraStar
    I am a single mom and I have an incrediable 6 yr old daughter.. whatever the issues were with Rob, he decided to get rid of Brittany b/c of her son. He didn't even give it a chance.

    I know it's reality tv, and there's a time limit. However I would have NEVER thought that he was like that, and I can point guys out like that right away.

    You're right it's his choice, as it's mine to not watch the show again. I simple don't have respect for him anymore. I know many that feel the same way.

    I too have an education, my own house and my daughter is in the gifted program in school. But all that doesn't really matter as much as how happy and loved my daughter is

    I'm one of those stepmom's who married a man with children and I can indeed understand Adam's choice. He knew he wasn't ready to be a parent of another person's child. Don't criticize him for that - it's difficult. I've lived it. In this situation Adam wouldn't have the benefit of even meeting the child. How difficult would it be for both of them if Adam chose Brittany and then later Brittany found that her child couldn't get along with Adam.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fluff
    I found her comment about some people not being mature enough to handle the fact she had a child, annoying last night.
    I doubt it was a question of lack of maturity on Adam's part, more likely he just didn't want to become involved with someone who already had a child, in which case he was right to let her go.
    Had Brittany made enough of an impact on him, he might have been able to overlook it.
    I agree Fluff. If telling someone you have a child isn't that big of a deal, she wouldn't have had say she felt she had to be upfront about it.

    As anemic dog said, some guys at that age aren't ready for a ready made family and all the baggage that goes along with that. By baggage I mean, the child's father and the drama that can go along with it.

    Also in my opinion, yes going on a reality TV show is a chance to meet someone from a pool of diverse women for Adam. But I think Brittany did the right thing in telling him right away and I also believe that it's only fair. He has the right to know the truth about a girl no matter what the "secret" for lack of a better term is before falling for something that isn't what it appears to be.

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    Yoffy lifts a finger... fluff's Avatar
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    I agree bax, it is a potentially difficult situation, one Adam apparently did not want to deal with.
    I don't blame him for that at all.
    "That's Numberwang!"

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    The fact that he was willing to be honest with her about not being ready is very admirable. She's a very pretty girl and obviously he didn't let that influence his decision at all, he based it on what he felt he was able to deal or wanted to deal with. You can't fault him for that one bit.

    I don't understand why single mom's would be offended by that either. I'm a single mother and have a 21 yr old son. I think not having a guy lead you on or want something based on some superficial desire and end up being used is a good trait in a guy and I don't understand why other single mother's after what they may have been through, would be offended by that.

    If someone wants to enlighten me, please feel free.
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    Does anyone know if there was any other reason Adam choice to eliminate Brittany other than the six-year-old son? Besides her looks, did Adam have any other reason to keep her? For the most part Adam is a great guy with a lot going for him and I am pretty sure he knows what he wants. A girl who has a kid at an early age and poses in Playboy might not give the best first impression, especially competing with 19 other women. If he had more time, he may be making a different decision or maybe not. I would like to I would not make the same decision, but I am not in Adam situation.

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    Some guys have a hard enough time committing to a second date - to know that there is a ready made family waiting for you 'back at the ranch' can be understandabley off-putting. I don't blame Adam at all, he knew he wasn't ready for the life that Brittany had back at home (and this show is to find a mate after all) so he let her go. I don't see anything wrong with that.

    I liked that Brittney said I'm not looking for a father for my son, he already has one. Fabulous. The thing is they are part and parcel. You can't have one without the other. Some men might not be ready for that.... actually never mind men.. some PEOPLE might not be ready.

    Think about it.. you are a single 29 yr old woman, you've never had to answer to anyone since you left home. You make good money, you have a lifestyle that you enjoy, you can come and go as you please. Think of what would change by brining someone else's child into that mix. (when things get serious.. in the beginning it's just a matter of a babysitter) You are talking major lifestyle change. I can honestly say that in Adam's shoes I probably would have done the same thing.
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    Antoher reasons for Adam to send Brittany home was also the fact that she lives in Kentucky and I assume that it would be hard for her to move. Adam stated very clearly that the NY girls had a big advantage!


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