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Thread: Jennifer Lifshitz, Buffalo Grove, IL

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    Quote Originally Posted by Betelgeuse
    Oh Zeekh, you are very naughty!! I think Jen L. will be just fine. When she returns home she will be flooded with dating offers. I don't think she needs an Extreme Makeover. If she lost 10 pounds that would help her confidence and her figure a lot. Adam did cheat her out of a date by helping Samantha win. I don't think that was fair. I wish he would have spent a little time with Jen L. I think he would have liked her. I hope she has great things in her future including a man who will appreciate her for who she is!!
    nicely said, i also hope that she will find a nice man for her.... its too bad ilive in canada

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    Ms. Ryry
    The show won't be the same without her. She brought comic relief. I *loved* her personality.


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    I thought that was an insightful post, Xyzzy. I've known some people who don't pick up on the subtle cues and tend to date guys who might not be right for them but they knew they were interested. Some people have better luck in closed circles rather than out in a meat market like a club or something. There are quite a few couples who met in my running club. That's a safe environment where the pressure is off.

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    This girl didn't annoy my by her looks (except perhaps a little on the googly-moogly eyes).

    This girl annoyed me by her personality. After just 1 episode, this girl had needy giggly band-camp stalker written all over her, and she did nothing over the next 2 to change that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maveno
    ...What I'm saying HAS to make sense to someone. It's like...ohhh..I dunno...I've never had sex (lets say). The last place I should experience it, or TRY to experience it..is by applying to the "Could you be a Pornstar?" reality show.
    What channel? Fox? Cinemax? I missed the promo...

    Dictum ad tua mater.

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    Jen was on the radio this evening. She said that she is thinking of having plastic surgery. She also said that Adam called her after the finale to see how she was doing and they talked for about 20 minutes - longer than they ever talked while on the show.

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    I certainly hope that is not true. Jenn doesn't need plastic surgery. She's a genuine, lovely individual, and there are people who see past her so-called physical imperfections. She's still very young, and I'm sure there is someone out there for her.
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    I hope she's the Average Jane this fall.
    Look, I love me most...If I could run across the beach into my own arms, I would.

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    I hope not

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    I Love Jen L!

    If the real Jen L happens to read these boards, I would love to hear from you.
    I live in Chicago too!
    CAJPhoto at Yahoo

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