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Thread: Anna Merrill, Canyon Lake, CA

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    I have to say, if I were going to wear a dress that revealing (yeahright!) I would at least make sure it was flattering. I thought that big floppy treatment around the plunging part of the dress made the wearer look extremely weird from the side, and it wasn't any better from the front. The chain across the gap was weirdlooking too. That dress just showed her boobs...it didn't do anything to make her look better.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Italian Idol
    But she does have to have a life outside her everyday mundane monotony of being an 8th grade school teacher. Just because she has to dress professionally at work doesn't mean she can't loosen up while not in the confines of her professional atmosphere.

    I disagree. Nobody should wear a dress like this on a tvshow because it will definetely make people question you and now add to the mix that this person is supposed to be teaching children. I would not feel comfortable of her teaching my child anything. I bet she got booted off because of that dress. It was just TOO MUCH. Makes me even question NBC for letting her wear that sort of dress.

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