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Thread: Courtney Butler, Buckeye, AZ

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    Anemic Dog
    Stunt butts. No other reasonable explanation.

    I still think Courtney's the hottest one on the show - never much liked the stick princesses or the chicks with implants. She has a sexy voice, too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anemic Dog
    Stunt butts. No other reasonable explanation.

    You're cracking me up, Anemic. Now I have FoRT giggles and it's almost 1am. Thank Gawd my husband is out of town
    When you learn, teach. When you get, give. ~ Maya Angelou

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    Ms. Ryry
    I like her. When I told a co-worker the pretty one was booted off Monday night, she said "Oh HER! Well she said Adam should look past her good looks, blah blah blah" and I said "uh, I was talking about the redhead!" She said "ohhhhh!"


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    Quote Originally Posted by Anemic Dog
    I still think Courtney's the hottest one on the show - never much liked the stick princesses or the chicks with implants. She has a sexy voice, too.
    Damn straight!

    I'm glad all of u liked her to...I'm gonna see if theres a way i can write her and tell her she was the best one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anemic Dog
    Stunt butts. No other reasonable explanation.
    Wow, What a great comment. I can't stop laughing everytime I think of it. That made my day!!

    I liked Courtney too. I wish he would have given her more of a chance.
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    I liked Courtney to she is like the Ivory girl. I think she is beautiful. I wish he would of given her time .His loss

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    Info on Courtney

    Well, I am a fan of Courney Butler. She was the HOTTEST lady on the show.

    Courtney resides in New York persuing an acting and dancing career. Her hometown is Buckeye, but she's apparently been living in NY for some time after moving from home.

    Another interesting fact is that she's a diabetic.

    When asked if he was worried about his daughter appearing on a nationally televised reality show, Buckeye resident Ken Butler was quick with a response: “Of course not. I know my daughter, and I know she makes wise choices.”

    He added: “When she called, she told me, ‘Dad, don’t worry. I’m not in a hot tub or anything.’”

    They were words every father sending a daughter off to TV Land wants to hear, Ken said.

    His daughter, 21-year-old Courtney Butler, made her television debut Monday night on the NBC reality show Average Joe: Adam Returns, where she and 19 other women are vying for the attention of one average guy. The guy, 29-year-old trading assistant and New York resident Adam, who was rejected on Average Joe in 2003 (285 days, 11 hours, 44 minutes and 18 seconds ago, the show states), returns this season to pick a woman of his own, all while the cameras are rolling on him and his 20 dates.

    Monday night’s premier allowed Adam to cut four of the girls from the show based on their formal introductions and one five-minute conversation. Courtney, dressed in a slinky green dress and smiling the entire time, made the cut.

    “Adam is the guy that I’d run into on the street and meet. That’s how I want to meet someone: running through Central Park and tripping and a guy coming to help me and that’s my future husband,” Courtney said in an interview on Monday’s airing of the show.

    Courtney, born and raised in Buckeye, but now living in New York to pursue a career in theater or dance, even plugged her hometown, calling it a “farming community” where her family owns a dairy. In her conversation with Adam, he revealed a similarity: his grandfather also owned a dairy.

    “This is real because you’re having a real conversation with real people and trying to get to know them,” Adam said during the show, which is being filmed near Palm Springs, Calif.

    While Courtney was not eliminated Monday night with four other girls, her parents, Ken and Cindi, had to learn their daughter’s fate like everyone else in the country — on live TV.

    “They don’t allow them to tell anything to anyone, not even the parents,” Ken said. “When they were done taping, we pretty much got a call that said, ‘I’m done, I’m safe and I’m going home,’ and that was it. [NBC] is real funny about that I guess.”

    Courtney’s parents had no idea she had even sent an application and video into NBC until she made one of the final cuts, when Average Joe producers flew the final contestants out to California for more interviewing.

    “When she called to tell us, she was like, ‘Here’s this thing I did, it’s kind of a silly thing and now they want to talk to me,’” her father said. “At first we were concerned, but our daughter is the type of person that would never allow herself to get in a situation that would be compromising in the least. She’s a great person, and she’ll do great things in her life.”

    Her family’s biggest concern was that Courtney is diabetic, a fear that was ebbed when their daughter told them the show’s producers would be able to help her if the occasion called for it.

    “They really took care of her it sounds like,” Ken said.

    Even though the Butler Family isn’t the biggest of reality-TV fans — “I watched some of the first Survivor episodes, and some Apprentice, but that’s it,” Cindi said — they were glued to the tube Monday night as their daughter appeared on the show.

    “We’re having a good time with it, like Courtney,” Cindi said. “Now I’m a reality-show mom. It’s fun.”

    Ken agreed: “We’re just going to enjoy it and be happy for our daughter, whether she wins or not. Now we just have to hope the power doesn’t go out when it comes on.”

    Buckeye’s own Courtney Butler can be seen again on Average Joe: Adam Returns March 22 on NBC.
    TBWhen it comes to reality television, Buckeye-raised reality girl Courtney Butler has made the cut … a second time.

    Butler, a 21-year-old New York resident and aspiring dancer, made it through a second episode of reality-show dates Monday night on NBC’s Average Joe: Adam Returns.

    The show, which started with 19 women trying to win the affection of Adam, the 29-year-old trading assistant rejected at the end of last season’s Average Joe, now features 10 women after Monday night’s cut.

    On the show’s second episode, which ended with Adam eliminating five women from his selection pool, the girls were asked to get in the ring with a small bull and play football in the mud.

    The show’s producers attempted to mix some drama into the episode by bringing in swimsuit models to distract the show’s star, but Adam, fearing hurt feelings by the original group of women, asked the bikini-clad models to leave the Palm Springs, Calif. mansion.

    While Butler was not featured heavily in the episode, Adam did not eliminate her, which means she will appear on next week’s show.

    Butler’s parents, dairy owners Ken and Cindi Butler, still live in Buckeye and are supporting their daughter as she appears on the show, which was filmed more than a month ago. Her parents know as much about the show as TV viewers do: Courtney is bound to a confidentiality agreement and is not allowed to share the details of unaired episodes, even with her parents.

    Winner of Average Joe or not, Courtney is now back in New York pursuing an acting and dancing career.
    Both articles appeared in West Valley Views news. You can head to that link and do an article search on Courtney Butler. Oops, can't posts links, you can google it.

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    Anemic Dog
    Disappointing to see yet another actress in training. I thought she was the best-looking one there, too.

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    Oops, can't believe I spelt Courtney wrong in my handle! lol. Oh well, I'll get over it.

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    kewl thanx for the articals fan of courtney.

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