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Thread: Rachel Goetz, New City, NY

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    I wrote on the Adam makes the wrong choice thread. I understand Adams choice. He is a safe, successful, stable guy and he wanted the exciting woman.

    Rachel will likely find an exciting guy looking for stability in his life and wife. She will have more fun than Adam will. She will find an adventuresone guy to lead the way.

    I think life with Adam and Rachel would have been very standard, stable and zzzzzz.

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    Samantha did not seem all that exciting. Different, yes, but life in the fast lane is more vain than interesting. Agreed about life with Adam and Rachel, but we're only watching them tie the knot, not life after the altar.

    Quote Originally Posted by Candybar
    I understand Adams choice. He is a safe, successful, stable guy and he wanted the exciting woman.

    I think life with Adam and Rachel would have been very standard, stable and zzzzzz.

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    I'm just waiting for the twist where Adam, too, admits to his "chosen one" that he used to date Fabio.

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    Adam Sucks

    When I watched him on Average Joe, I thought, what a nice guy...felt bad for him.....thought Melina picked the wrong guy and how shallow she was....I was a huge fan. I am 28 years old.....he is so immature....he is just as shallow as he says Melina was, and he didn't do anything different that she did.

    He was awkward, dorky, goofy....when he was dumping the girls, he did it with a stupid smile, and had the worst dump lines ever.Did he ever date before?He was like a little boy in a candy store who wanted to taste every candy.....

    What proved what a loser he was when he dumped Rachel. SHe was a girl of substance. You could obviously take her home to Mom and Dad, grow old with her and be life parters. Obviously he knows nothing about relationships.....after you have sex, been together for a while, if you are with someone just for that--well, it's over and you have nothing. The gola in life is to meet someone you can be your life companion--not a roll in the hay.

    I do congratulate you though Rachel if you are reading. Being dumped was the best thing that could have happened. I am sure you realized that the minute you watched the whole show and saw what a loser her was. I thought he rocked until I watched his show and saw what an [md edit] he really was. Besides--he's worse than Fabio.....He looks like he drools when he kisses and is a slobbering gross kisser....you rock and coulc find someone much hotter than him......

    Hope there is no typos...holding a child at the same time!!

    Good luck Rachel!! You Rock!! Adam sucks--so does his shallow pick.....oh well--good thing he is rich...will be spending his savings on plastic surgery for that skank!!!!!!

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    I agree that Racheal could do much better.

    Maybe NBC could introduce Racheal to Brian. (though she could do better than that too!)

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    I was thinking maybe she and Matthew from the Bachelorette should get together. I really liked both of them.

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    in the kitchen, darling!
    She deserves better than mush-mouth, non-enunciating Adam.
    " I look like Nigella Lawson with a $#*!ing hangover."

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    Adam's choice sucks

    Although adam had made a few typical male mistakes during the show, he made some good choices (kicking out the bikini babes) and showed that he cared about the girls. In picking Sam and dumpoing Rachel however, he totally blew it and lost all respect from many fans. He started this with statment that he was looking for someone that matches him and he even told Chritine that he was ready for a seroius relationship. If it was just to have fun and enjoy the glamour, I can see him picking Sam. But he demonstrated hypocracy and shollowness by taking the easy route with Sam. Rachel is georgous, smart, solid and someone you can have fun and rely on in good or bad times. She is an amazing catch and I would make a great life partner. I am lucky that I have found mine and feel that Adam would have found his soulmate in Rachel. I wish Rachel all the best and hope that she sees this rejection as a refelction on Adam's juvenile mindset instead of a refelction on her amazaing potential.

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    Sure Rachel's smart and well rounded, well grounded, compassionate, beautiful, personable, low maintenance, mature, and basically perfect...

    How could it have gone wrong?
    I think they needed to communicate more... she was never given the chance...
    A girl like we've describe is not gonna show "passion" on national TV when there is other girls competing and kissing the guy each day.

    What should Rachel have said when they had that crucial last conversation to change his mind?

    I think she should have said, "I'll give you passion when you choose me in the end"
    I think she should have dropped the Miss Nicey and directly compared her qualities to the competition(Sam) and told Adam what she was thinking ("I came here for the right reasons, did you?") which she said to zing him after he rejected her but she should have zinged him the night before. She didn't play up the bracelet he gave her.
    There could have been so much more said at the final night.

    With all those other qualities, I think the "passion" part could have grown easily in a mature relationship rather than a mere fling.

    Rachel could have told him that she can fit into evening dresses as well or better than Sam can and that if that's all that matters to him, he should pick Sam.

    Bah.. oh well.

    P.S. I loved those tan lines in the final dress she wore...

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    Phone Number

    Adam you don't know what you missed, does someone has Rachel's phone number?

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