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Thread: Rachel Goetz, New City, NY

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    Rachel does not equal Melana

    This is really pretty simple. There's what Adam has said and what he's actually done. He appeared to be the nice guy in Average Joe I, but he was chasing after a woman who was much more similar to Samantha than Rachel.
    What did Adam actually have in common with Melana and what was it he liked about her? Mostly America saw reasons to like Adam and the fact that guys were supposed to find Melana attractive.

    I don't know that Samantha has much in common with Melana other than a kind of "need to be rescued and protected quality"....I think of Adam helping Melana get over her fear of being on the glider (which was one of the first times anyone rooted for Adam) and Adam bailing out Samantha the day trader (I think he likely steered her away from buying stock in the company Adam Sandler worked for in the movie Anger Management and talked her into buy stock in cosmetic surgery and tanning equipment companies) as very smilar episodes.
    Adam falls for the lady because he rescues or protects her in some ways.
    Rachel did exactly the opposite. She took control, cooks breakfast, writes the poem, takes care of his mom during her crying spree.
    Adam's beein in a protective family his entire life. His picture of a family/mate for him is someone he can protect or rescue as his mother and father did for him.
    Rachel=Adam's sister in his head.
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    Rachel is beautiful, competent and honest. She has great things in her future, including a man who will appreciate her. She thought Adam was the guy portrayed to us from AJ1. She felt like she knew him before she even met him. Adam wasn't that guy. He was someone very different because we only saw a small part of his personality. I think she is lucky he didn't chose her and waste her time. She deserves someone much better suited to her. She was too intelligent and confident for Adam. I wish her all the best in her future endeavors.

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    Ok...hear me out. Now I am a huge fan of Rachel's and I was crushed when the dog picked the puppy lover. When I told my husband the results of the show he was shocked too, then I told him what Adam said about passion. After much lamenting and discussion between us my husband said "there is something to be said about passion" ...that is what we had when we met and we are going on 18 years of being together (and we still like each other!). When we met I was a lot more like Samantha (high maintenence, more self absorbed) and there was a lot of passion between us, now I am more like Rachel (mother, nurturer, get along with my mother in law) Point being people can change, and there is a lot to be said for natural chemistry between two people.

    Still I feel badly for Rachel and I am sure she will find someone where there is passion and respect.

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    Rachel is the real winner

    OK, I don't watch this crap. I just was bored watching UConn stomp Georgia Tech in the first half. So while channel surfing, I got hooked. My 2nd grade son even sat down and got interested when he saw the jet. I told him watch this, he'll pick the pretty teacher who is so nice over the money grubber who can spend it faster than he'll make it. My son agreed. Thought it might be a good lesson in life for my son. But no, the dork goes for the bimbo. Rachel was very classy and got the last word. Something like I thought you were doing this for the right reason. Hope it haunts him. It still is bugging me 2 days later. Had to surf for a message board to vent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by boskeroo
    Rachel=Adam's sister in his head.
    Or Rachel=Adam's mother in his head. Thus NOT someone to go to bed with.

    Whereas Samantha=bimbo=wild uninhibited sex.
    "The greatest myth in the world is that beauty equals goodness." Leo Tolstoy

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    Samantha has to an ex stripper , adam wanted to get laid on the plane, he is a fool. Racheal is One in a Billion, I wish am that lucky to date her.


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    An Ex Stripper? Comon!!! I looked at her picture, she's barely attractive. Would you pay her? I wouldn't!! But then most of the girls were not really attractive. Don't get me wrong, looks aren't everything but a lot of these girls were below average. Rachel is beautiful, a few others were too. Sam, I don't even find attractive, let alone a stripper.

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    life is strange, and we are stranger!

    I think alot of things went wrong with this show....editing drove me nuts!
    They totaly tried to fool you.........
    anyways we all (almost agree) that rachel was one in a million.....


    OH by the way how do we insert pictures guys?!

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    I feel sorry for Rachel...she is soooo desperate and $ hungry to enjoy life.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pilostic
    OH by the way how do we insert pictures guys?!
    To add a picture under your name go to the top of the page and click on User CP and then on edit Avatar. You can get all the information there how to add a picture.

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