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Thread: Stephanie Cahn, Beachwood, OH

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    krom you are scaring me with all the AV changes I keep seeing one thing then scrolling and its different....on topic and for the record I am rooting for her which means she will be eliminated next week

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    very pretty girl, looks sweet too

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    Fool... but no pity. Krom's Avatar
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    Jul 2003
    How come nobody is making the obvious joke about her last name?

    All together now...

    [Shatner mode]Khannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn![/Shatner mode]

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    I think she is extremely attractive. She has a great smile, pretty hair and great teeth. She looks like she may be too nice compared to some of the other nasty girls.

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    I hope Adam finally gives her a chance on this last episode. She looks pretty hot, especiually when she was wearing that pink number when they were all watching the AJ2 finale.

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