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Thread: Summer Wesson, Atlanta

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    How much you want to make a bet that when she stands under a black light-her hair glows?
    A Bachelor fan til it dies a slow death and oddly enough, A Rock of Love fan...finest hair extensions from Europe and all. ;-)

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    She seemed very nice, but I think she is going to be the cooky one on the show. Adam may keep her around next week but I dont see her going till the end.

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    I did like her personality. She seems to be trying.

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    I thought that she had a really good energy. She looks much better on TV than in this photo.

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    Didn't like her at all. Surprised she made it past last night.

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    She was nice. But the thing is...she's trying to give alot of energy in hopes of getting his attention. So, she's coming off as really hyper, which is a deal breaker. If she wants any hope at all, she needs to slow down and wipe some makeup off.

    When she came off the bus and said whatever she said to him...Adam said something like "ohh..hi".. and looked down at the ground. I think he was like.."Ohh yeah...this must be one of those kickers they throw in..cause after all, this IS Average Joe".

    She seems nice..but "nice" doesn't always ring the bell for potential suitors.
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    she is nausiating

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    From the official site:

    Age: 26
    Extras Casting Director

    "I kept saying that, if he got his own show, I would so be there. Adam is a very real person."

    What made you want to be on the show and meet Adam?

    I watched the show and really got into it, especially towards the end, and really got into the character of Adam and really liked who he was. And I kept saying that, if he got his own show, I would so be there. Adam is a very real person. And I don't think there are a lot of very real guys out there. And if I have to go on a reality show to get one, I will.

    How would your best friend describe you to a guy?

    Carefree and fun and outgoing. A sensitive person, but not necessarily very emotional. In a lot of ways, I more like a guy in my mentality because my dad and I are so close. I just think that I'm a lot of fun to be with. I think I bring a lot to the table.

    What was your worst dating experience?
    Click here to view Summer's response!

    I met this guy, a really nice guy, and I thought that we really connected. So he calls me a couple days later and he asks me to go to the turtle races with him. He comes and picks me up and I'm thinking “date.” He buys me drinks. At the very end of the evening, he walks me out to my car. And I'm a very forward person and he was kinda shy so I was like, you know, I'm going to give this guy a break and go ahead and make the first move. I lean in and I kiss him and he backs off and he doesn't say a word. And I go, “I'm sorry, it's just a habit.” Of all the horrible things that could come out of my mouth – “It's just a habit.” He doesn't say a word and I just walk off.

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    for the record there is very little need for an extra casting directors in Atlanta...she is really from LA ....so many of the ladies even those supposed to be from else where are California girls.....and in this case an actress wanna be

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    Some people are not photogenic, and I think this may just be a bad picture of her. But it seems like she's alot better looking in person. And I love the red hair!!! I have a thing for red heads!!!

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