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Thread: Was Larissa's conflict typical of women?

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    I agree that her age has something to do with it. I'm by no means a beauty queen but I've always been attracted to and dated the "hunk". My husband looked like a cross between a young Rob Lowe and Jon Erik Hexum (if anyone remembers him) and was a complete jerk but I stuck with him because he was gorgeous and I was young and stupid. We are now divorced and I am dating someone who most would not consider handsome and I didn't at first either but is so good and treats me so good that I think he is beautiful as I had hoped Larissa would see Brian. I was hoping the show would get the messsage out that looks don't matter because they fade, a deeper connection is needed as well because that doesn't fade or is less likely to. Shame on me for thinking NBC would send a message like that.

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    "I don't think that Larissa's choice is that unique. It seems to happen all too often. A woman will say she wants a nice guy who will treat her right, but she'll fall for a hunky, good-looking guy. Then when the hunk dumps her, she'll cry on the shoulder of some nice guy that she "just wants to be friends with".

    I'm not trying to women-bash with this. But it seems that the pattern in Larissa's behavior is pretty common. Intellectually she wanted to have a relationship with someone where there was a strong emotional connection, but in the end she let her physical desires make the choice. She even 'deluded' herself that there was emotional depth to Gil. "

    I think network and others have hit the nail on the head, and that what Larissa was guilty of has happened every hour, on the hour, across the world.

    I personally know three woman, all in their 60's and damn good looking still, who eventually married their "Boston Brian's" and are having a wonderful 3rd, 4th, or 6th marriage.

    Problem was, though, that each and every one of these woman confided in me that at NO TIME IN THEIR EARLIER, BETTER LOOKING LIVES, would they ever have settled for the man they are currently married to!!! One friend, actually knew her husband from the age of 8 and all of their relatives grew up together. He was the balding, bookish 20 year old; she was the High Society Diva that was in every celebrity column. She only looked at him 52 years later because he was "sweet, sincere, wouldn't cheat on me, and financially secure."

    Boring is ....well, BORING, and many, many women and men want the sizzle that goes with the steak, only the steak turns out to be hamburger, or worse...tofu. It's only when they have it completely out of their system and have matured, that they can date and marry the average Jane's and Joe's.

    Plus, and I don't know if this has been said in some other thread, she may have really liked Brian, but, he had a desperate quality to himself because Larissa WAS his first...everything! His first love, his first serious girl, and him showing her around to his buddies is equivelant to a woman showing a guy her parents; if there's any action that makes someone run for the Hills, it's bringing them to early into the fold.

    I think that if Brian hadn't laid it on so thick, like Adam did to Melanna, she would have felt that there was more breathing room for her. As it was though, she did the right thing. If she didn't want to hurt Brian more and she only had a crush on the hunk she chose, she got her freedom in the end.

    Hey, I've chosen freedom rather than endentured love, many a times in the past.
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