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Thread: "Sarah"

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    all i gotta say is smokin!

    i thought she is physically more attrative than larissa, and although personality wise i have no clue, larissa hasn't grown on me at all ....

    i think ratings would have been higher if they got sarah to be the girl! anyone out there got any info on her? she an actor or really a friend?

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    When i first saw her I thought it was one of the Olsen twins.

    She's way more funkier and modern than Larissa. Larissa has this 80s beauty queen look that is kinda outdated. Almost like Tiffani-Amber Thiessen from "Saved by the Bell"

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    Gypsy Rose
    Agree with both your comments.

    So, who exactly WAS Sarah? Was she a RL friend of Larissa's? Did we get to hear any of the guys comment on HER (which could also have been incriminating)? Do you think her impression of the guys swayed Larissa at all?

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    hah, that's funny, now that you say that larissa does seem like she's stuck in the 80's, even her hairstyle, totally like tiffany amber thiessen, all she needs is tight pants that go half way up her calves and pink shirts, oh wait she already does the shirt thing .... kinda hard to believe she was a beauty queen, well maybe in the 80's, ehe, i'm not a hater at all, just doesn't seem like larissa is really deserving of the joe's attention given she isn't 1. that hot 2. that nice .... at least sarah is smoking!

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    c'mon Larissa is very pretty. Her hair is more of a classical long hair and I think many models have that. I think we have just watched her for who knows how many weeks and when there is someone new it is just refreshing. I am surprised though that Michael C didn't say anything about Sarah.

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    hey marimekko,

    yeah i'm surprised none of the guys commented on her, with all that hidden camera all they got was a comment about that's what larissa is gonna look like, they built it up and the guys didn't bite at all ..... nobody made any comments about sarah ... you're right, if that's second prize kick me off now!

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