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Thread: 2/16 Show Discussion **Spoilers until 2am**

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    Quote Originally Posted by bluejello
    What happened to her realization last week that she was being a slut and needed to stop making out with the hunks?
    Well, she said that in a confessional to a camera guy that probaly wasn't a "hunk"

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    Of course she is going to pick a hunk...another waiter. Does anyone know if the AJ's that have been sent home have gotten any marriage proposals?

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    I'm not sure, talenadawn but I love one of the commercials I saw for Adam's show.

    He walks in the door and hits the button on the answering machine and the voice says something like "While you were out, you got 3000 messages."

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    Junior she seems to have solved it by being a slut and making out with everyone.....I saw more tongue than is found in an English butcher's shop and thats just the previews.....

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    If she picks the underemployed....I will hate her....no matter how much she thinks about it....the other three ...well they seem logical choices.....so the odds are in her favor....

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    Quote Originally Posted by dreaminginblond
    I'm not sure, talenadawn but I love one of the commercials I saw for Adam's show.

    He walks in the door and hits the button on the answering machine and the voice says something like "While you were out, you got 3000 messages."
    That commercial for Adam's show was probably my favorite part of last night's show! He walks in with a sad face...magazine in hand with Jason and Melana "in Love"...hit's his answering machine button and it says something like "you have three billion messages"....Cracked me up!
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    Quote Originally Posted by cfletcher
    But, my own impression of Gil is that he is the most "self-serving" one of the four guys left (as if he dealt with Larissa as an "agenda" or a military campaign you have to achieve). I don't know... Maybe I am trying to read too much into it...
    Hmmm..I don't know, but he seems like a quiet down-to-earth kind of guy to me. I'm not reading any type of hidden agenda at all.

    Welcome to the FORT, cfletcher.

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    Wish I could've posted last night, but I couldn't seem to log on to the FORT. Better late than never. (Although I fear I have missed out on the cheesey poofs.)

    I am sooooo glad to see the back of Mike C. Hanksmyman had a great post about how he's forever apologizing. I saw Mike and Tony on the Today Show this morning and guess what? He apologized to the viewers in case he offended anyone! Note to Michael: if you spend every day of your life apologizing, perhaps your behaviour could use a little tweaking.

    I have to say though, the date Larissa and Mike had was beautiful. I've never been to Hawaii, I'd love to be up on a volcano at sunset, above the clouds. I also loved the date with Fredo where they swam with Manta Rays.

    I agreed with her choices last night. If it were me, it would get down to Brian and Gil. Brian looks like he gets a bit more lip action next week.

    Best quotes of the night: Mrs. Meek - What's the worst thing you ever did to a woman? Cardamone - Broke up with her. ( No Mike, that would be the kindest thing you ever did!)

    Fredo: (on Mrs. Meek's return) I thought she was gonna b*tch-slap Mike.

    Next week we get a 90-minute episode!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kocky_Kamikaze
    I can't understand why she's keeping Brian anyway. He's already said that when he dates a woman he'll run out on her when he gets emotionally involved. The man obviously has a fear of committment. To me, that's too much. Well, at least he was upfront with her that he's unreliable when it comes to long term relationships.

    C'mon, let's face it. What Cardo said about "letting yourself go" is no different from what anyone would say and/or think. Is Larissa the same person who practically said the same thing about Sean? That she couldn't understand how he wouldn't take care of his body? And isn't this the same person who kicked out all the overweight men??? I don't see Phuc, Sean, Bill, Donato, and Samuel on the show anymore. Hypocritical? :nono

    Cardo did say "healthy body equals a healthy body". You also have to notice that he didn't say "fat". You can still look great and be overweight. Get your hair done, face made up, dress nice. Keep on top of your appearance. And even if he really did mean "fat", in my opinion, there's nothing wrong with having physical preferences. As long as while having that preference, other physical types are being degraded. I freely admit that I'm not attracted to really overweight guys on the show but, if there is one that is everything that I'm looking for in a man, I might consider him. That's just me.

    Exactly, I thought she was being a hypocrit, she said about sean, she can't be attracted to a guy who doesn't take care of himself, aka letting oneself go. This is exactly what Mike C said during his interview, she asked a question and said exactly what larissa said to sean, isn't that the pot calling the kettle black" and please no omorossa comments, eheheh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by katerbug
    the preview of her kissing brian was pathetic. she looked like it was going to hurt her to touch his lips with hers. pity kisses all the way with evey joe she's ever kissed. the minute she's with a hunk, much more than church tongue my friend.

    larissa kissing the hunks
    larissa kissing the joes

    what i want to do after i watch the show

    BINGO! that's exactly it, it's kinda sad watching her kiss the AJ's, they are getting pity "your such a good friend" kiss from larissa, no arms or embracing just a kiss like, "oh, some girl is gonna like u (but not me), the second she is with a hunk, even on the first dates, she was all over them and making out and hasn't done that with an joe .... if the camera's weren't there i'm sure larissa would be naked w/ those hunks.

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